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Castel has documented the story of his crime and promises us a truthful and objective account. She disappears into the crowd before he can establish contact, but she continues to haunt his memories during the months that follow. Castel dreams of a chance encounter with this mysterious woman, his head addled with thoughts of how to handle the situation should he meet her in the street. A nervous shy individual by nature, Castel is terrified by the prospect of striking up a conversation with an unknown woman so he rehearses various scenarios in his mind. And it is these thoughts which first alert us to the signs of paranoia in his narrative.

Why I love: The Tunnel (1948), by Ernesto Sábato

What's your favourite book? Send us your review of a title you love to books irishtimes. Both have a first-person narrator who ends up incarcerated after being convicted of murder and from their prison cells they review the incidents and chance encounters that led to their present impasse. The novel recounts the complex relationship between the artist Juan Pablo Castel and Maria Iribarne Hunter, whom he first observes staring raptly at one of his paintings. He has the impression that this woman can see into his soul, that she is somehow capable of understanding the emotion behind his artistic creation.

The Tunnel by Ernesto Sábato – review

The vignette, which seems to the painter to be laden with meaning, escapes the attention of every visitor to the exhibition except one: a beautiful, chestnut—haired woman in her mid—twenties who, the artist imagines, might be the only person in the world capable of understanding both him and his work. As she vanishes into the crowd, the painter suppresses a desire to call out to her and is at once plunged into misery. He is convinced that, in a teeming city of millions, he will never see her again. And yet, miraculously, he later spots her entering an office building and, as she waits for an elevator, blurts out a series of fumbling questions that form the beginning of a relationship that will transform both their lives. Could this be the premise of a charming, somewhat fluffy love story? The artist is Juan Pablo Castel, a man whose superficial charm and educated speech conceal a dark contempt for humankind and an existential belief in the emptiness and absurdity of life.

Perhaps in the hands of a lesser writer, but not for the brilliant Argentine novelist Ernesto Sábato. The young woman is María Iribarne, whose troubled past we.

The Tunnel Reader’s Guide

It presents the character of Maria Iribarne in the understanding of the entirety and the absolute as well as the dark areas of mystery that will impel Juan Pablo Castel to assassinate her. The painter, in forming his internal obsession, must give up any other option, in a process that is both constructive and destructive, which will focus the analysis of the motivations of the crime. It is a work in which pessimism abounds in every dialogue or thought of the characters.

The Tunnel

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