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Definition of Industry Analysis

An industry analysis looks at how your company compares to others that are in the same niche. According to Inc. When you conduct an industry analysis, you can better plan effective strategies for your business. Observing market forces is one thing; falling victim to them is another.

Carefully evaluating your competition's strengths and weaknesses allows you to be proactive with your plans. Marketing91 points out that industry analysis allows your business to:. To devise and implement a successful strategic plan, you must understand the market forces at work in your industry. The Corporate Finance Institute explains that there are three characteristics of industry analysis. They are:. When you examine your company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, collectively referred to as a SWOT analysis, you evaluate your business internally as well as outside factors that affect it.

PEST — an acronym for political, economic, social and technological — evaluates external factors. The Competitive Forces Model, known as Porter's Five Forces, has you looking at the market forces that affect your business. Evaluate your strengths from an internal view. Quickbooks suggests analyzing your employees' attitudes to determine how they view the company. Take a look at which processes are successful. Examine your physical assets. These include:. You want to evaluate both your internal and external weaknesses.

Take an honest and thorough look at your company's management skills. Are there difficulties the management has as a result of a lack of training or experience? Are there organizational issues that interfere with the effective functions of management? Look for any improvements you can make. Examine the necessity of additional tangible assets such as cash or equipment. If location matters, determine whether you are in the best area.

Are customers happy with your products or services? Is there a mechanism in place to monitor their satisfaction? Taking advantage of identified opportunities can significantly contribute to your success. Monitor government regulation changes. There might be some that positively affect your business. How do customers perceive you? Is there an opportunity for repeat business? Identify events that are happening in the marketplace that can positively affect you. Leave no stone unturned. Some of these threats may include:.

Understanding PEST — the political, economic, social and technological factors that affect your business — is important to plan and grow your company in any environment. Labor laws may also positively or adversely affect your business. The overall political stability in the area you conduct operations influences your business. Inflation can also affect your business's stability. Population growth, trends in fashion and health, and social movements may be factors. Even if an advancement doesn't immediately affect your business, new technologies have far-reaching consequences, good or bad, depending on your business type.

The way you do business could change overnight based on one innovation. Keep on top of the breakthroughs that are being made. The model includes:. How profitable and competitive an industry is can help or hurt your business. Strategic Management Insight explains that when an industry has numerous competitors and slow growth, rivalry among competitors can be fierce.

Not differentiating between products is another determinant, and low customer loyalty can eat away at profits. Buyers can demand lower prices for better quality if they have market power. This often happens when there are few buyers but many competitors. The buyer is in a position to negotiate lower prices and affect your profit margin. The bargaining power of suppliers is the opposite of the bargaining power of buyers.

If there are a limited number of suppliers, they have the power. They can negotiate and charge what they want, which potentially affects your product's price and quality. You'll always have competition, which keeps you from charging any amount you want. If your customers can effectively find a product similar to the one they purchase from you — but at a lower price or higher quality — the threat of substitutes affects your business.

However, there are ways to combat this threat and give your products an edge. Threat of entry refers to the ease that a new company can enter an industry. If you have a relatively easy industry to enter, you may encounter a barrage of new competitors. It's rare not to have competition, but be aware if you see new ones constantly emerging.

Bizfluent reports that you can gain insights into your competition by conducting an industry analysis. A weakness on the part of your competitor could be a strength for you. This information can be integrated into a marketing plan that makes it possible for you to grow your business. The results of industry analysis methods can offer insights into your business's future. If you establish there are threats to your business, you can be proactive in diminishing possible adverse outcomes.

If you are interested in attracting investors, a business analysis confirms your credibility. It offers positive proof that you know your competition and are aware of who your customers are and what they want. You should evaluate the internal and external forces that affect your business. Always be cognitive of your immediate business environment. The ability to understand your current position and know when and how to pivot effectively protects and grows your business.

Once you have a solid understanding of those forces, you can diagnose your strengths and weaknesses, which will ultimately make your business more profitable.

By Updated November 13, Equipment Customers Technology Cash. Do whatever you can to identify all the competitive edges you have over your competition. New competitors Disrupted supply lines Changes in consumer behavior Changing market trends. Be ready to face them and determine a plan to deter them from harming your business.

Specific policies Regulations Taxes Trade policies. Industry rivalry Bargaining power of buyers Bargaining power of suppliers Threat of substitutes Threat of entry.

These five forces influence your business's structure and how it relates to your competition. Produce the same product in a way that costs less.

Produce a better quality product but charge the same. References Inc. Related Articles.

Environmental analysis

An industry analysis looks at how your company compares to others that are in the same niche. According to Inc. When you conduct an industry analysis, you can better plan effective strategies for your business. Observing market forces is one thing; falling victim to them is another. Carefully evaluating your competition's strengths and weaknesses allows you to be proactive with your plans. Marketing91 points out that industry analysis allows your business to:.

offer the host market not just coffee but a real coffee experience. Keywords: customer satisfaction; food industry; marketing planning; situation.


Strategic Planning: External Environmental Scanning. Strategic Planning: External Environmental Scanning pdf. Any planning activity involves thinking about the future.

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Why Is Industry Analysis Important?

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What is Environmental Analysis?

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The environmental analysis is carried out to determine various environmental factors and their potential impact on a company.

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Industry analysis is a tool that many businesses use to assess the market.

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Features (1)Industry analysis features include a review of the economic and political underpinnings of the business environment. Economic reviews often.