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Rights And Privileges Of Advocates In India Pdf

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Advocates, in addition to being professionals, are also officers of the courts and play a vital role in the administration of justice.

rights and privileges of advocates ppt

An Advocate is a professional or an expert in the field of law. In India each state has its own Bar Council whose role is to register the Advocates who are willing to practice. According to Sec 2 a of the Advocates Act, , advocate means an advocate entered in any roll [1] under the provisions of this Act. In layman language, it means a law graduate [2] which can be termed as a legal practitioner [3]. Right means legal, social, or ethical principles of freedom or entitlement i. Over the last 25 years, advocacy rights have played a crucial role in broadening the concept of what people with rights can accomplish. This advocacy rights has been instrumental in shaping new images of people with prominent rights.


Post a Comment. Stunning Institute. Rights and Privileges of an Advocate. Article 19 1 a of Indian Constitution provided the right to freedom of speech an expression to all citizens. An Advocate need not fear about police, legislators. But he should oblige the reasonable restriction imposed on this right in the interest of the sovereignty and integrity of India, the security of the State, friendly relations with foreign States, public order, decency or morality, or in relation to contempt of court, defamation.

Key Takeaways:. An Advocate is a professional or an expert in the field of law. The Bar Council of India is the chief administrative body to manage the whole system and consistency of law in India. In India, each State has its own Bar Council whose role is to register the Advocates willing to practice within a particular State or region. The registration of an Advocate with a State Bar Council does not limit him to practice in that particular State or region and such an advocate is permitted to show up in any court in India. The State Bar Councils deal with the local issues in smoother ways.

Bar Council of India

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The preamble of the Advocates Act, , specifies that this Act has been made with the objective of amending and consolidating the law relating to the legal practitioners [1]. The All India Bar Committee was not satisfied with the Act of as the powers which were conferred on the Bar Councils were very limited and they were not made autonomous bodies. It was then, that the Advocates Act, was passed. Under the Advocates Act , Advocates have been recognized as the only one class of persons entitled to practice the profession of law [2]. According to Section 30 of the Act, this right to practice can be exercised in all the courts and tribunals throughout the territories to which this Act extends and also before any authority or any other person who is authorized to take evidence or before whom the advocate is entitled to practice under any law [3].

What Are The Rights And Privileges of An Advocate?

rights and privileges of advocates ppt

In India, the law relating to the Advocates is the Advocates Act, introduced and thought up by Ashoke Kumar Sen, the then law minister of India, which is a law passed by the Parliament and is administered and enforced by the Bar Council of India. Priviledge of an advocate … Privileges of advocate and solicitor - Free download as Powerpoint Presentation. An Advocate is a professional or an expert in the field of law.

The Bar Council of India is a statutory body established under the section 4 of Advocates Act that regulates the legal practice and legal edition in India. Its members are elected from amongst the lawyers in India and as such represents the Indian bar. It prescribes standards of professional conduct , etiquettes and exercises disciplinary jurisdiction over the bar. It also sets standards for legal education and grants recognition to universities whose degree in law will serve as a qualification for students to enroll themselves as advocates upon graduation. Das , submitted a report which proposed the creation of a bar council for each state and an all-India bar council as an apex body. It was suggested that the all India bar council would regulate the legal profession and set the standard of legal education. The Law Commission of India was assigned the job of assembling a report on judicial administration reforms.

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An advocate need not fear about police, bureaucrats, legislators and even the judiciary.