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Animal Quiz. Take our fun animal quiz and test your knowledge of the animal kingdom.

What is the favorite food of the giant panda? A: Bamboo shoots. What leaves does a silkworm prefer to eat?

Bored Britons have branded Thursday night quiz night and virtual quizzes have become a popular way for friends and family to stay connected throughout the coronavirus lockdown. What name is given to a group of giraffes? What is the slowest animal in the world?

Aquatic Animals

Animal Quiz. Take our fun animal quiz and test your knowledge of the animal kingdom. How much do you know about animals such as the tiger, lion, shark, cat, crocodile, giraffe, snake, rabbit and spider? Enjoy our fun trivia for kids and answer as many of the thirty questions related to the animal kingdom as you can. Questions vary from easy to challenging and cover everything from insects to pets, wild animals, fish, birds and reptiles. Animal Quiz Take our fun animal quiz and test your knowledge of the animal kingdom.

Sponsored Links. What is the name of the phobia that involves an abnormal fear of spiders? True or false? Crocodiles have no sweat glands so they use their mouths to release heat.

Bees are found on every continent of earth except for one, which is it? Cats spend an average of 13 to 14 hours a day sleeping. What is the only continent on earth where Giraffes live in the wild? What is the most recognizable physical feature of the male lion? The crocodile species is believed to have been around for how long? False - Captive mice live for up to 2 and a half years while wild mice only live for an average of around 4 months.

The cheetah it can reach speeds of up to kph — 75mph. Mice live for up to 10 years. Are butterflies insects? What are female elephants called? Bats are mammals. What is the fastest land animal in the world? Groups of lions are known as what?

Is a dolphin a mammal? What is the largest land animal in the world? True of false? Snakes have slimy skin. How many pairs of wings does a bee have? What type of animal is the largest primate in the world? Is a shark a fish or a mammal? What is the name of an adult female horse? What are baby goats called? What is the tallest animal in the world? Rabbits are born blind. How many legs does a spider have? True - They often sleep with their mouth open to cool down. A female deer.

False - They are carnivores. False - Snakeskin is smooth and dry. A fish. Their spines of spiky hair.

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Animals and Nature Trivia Quiz - Questions related to animals including some fictional animal characters. Animals Trivia Quiz 6 - Questions releated to animals. Kids Animal Trivia Questions - Questions about animals suitable for kids. Polar Bear Trivia Quiz - A quiz about polar bears. Thanks Casey. Animals Trivia Quiz 5 - Mostly difficult questions about animals found around the world.

Answer: Calf. Answer: Clam. Animal Quiz. BuzzFeed Staff What animal is this? The horn of rhinoceros is made up of what?

Fish or Fowl Round ~ The answer is simple, is it a breed of fish or a breed of fowl​? Answers. Question 1. Plymouth Rock. Fowl. Question 2. Buck Eye. Fowl.

20 animal pub quiz questions to test your general knowledge

Animalia, it's a biological kingdom of living things, basically animals. It's a group of living things that comprise multicellular organisms. There are five major classifications of animals, and this quiz is all about that. So, read each question carefully and try to answer as much right as you can.

Add some animal magic to your next virtual pub quiz with these animal questions answers included. Another week in lockdown, another round of virtual pub quizzes ready to be played across the nation. So far we've covered a bit of everything here at CambridgeshireLive, from movies , to famous franchises such as Disney , Harry Potter and Marvel , to science and nature , general knowledge and music.

Rabies is a preventable viral disease of mammals most often passed on through a rabid animal. The vast majority of rabies cases reported to the CDC each year occur in wild animals like raccoons, skunks, bats, and foxes. Search Encyclopedia. Take the Rabies Quiz Rabies is a preventable viral disease of mammals most often passed on through a rabid animal. The rabies virus is passed on by contact with what part of an infected animal?

Animals quiz questions and answers: 20 questions for your virtual pub quiz

If you get full marks on this quiz you can all yourself the next David Attenborough. We are all fascinated by animals and the natural world. Whenever there is a new David Attenborough documentary on the TV you can guarantee it is going to be the topic of conversation among your family and friends.

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Wildlife for competitive exam and interview,gk on Animal World Quiz series #36

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Classifications Of Animal Knowledge Quiz

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Animal World

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