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Quantitative Methods 1 Reading 8. Probability Concepts Subject 7. Covariance and Correlation.

Sums and Products of Jointly Distributed Random Variables: A Simplified Approach

Adapted from this comic from xkcd. We are currently in the process of editing Probability! If you see any typos, potential edits or changes in this Chapter, please note them here. We continue our foray into Joint Distributions with topics central to Statistics: Covariance and Correlation. These are among the most applicable of the concepts in this book; Correlation is so popular that you have likely come across it in a wide variety of disciplines. We know that variance measures the spread of a random variable, so Covariance measures how two random random variables vary together.


Sign in. Therefore, this aims to provide a comprehensive crash course on the basics of random variables. A random variable RV , usually denoted X, is a varia b le whose possible values are numerical outcomes of a random phenomenon. In simpler terms, a random variable has a set of values and it can take on any one of those values at random. A random variable is a function from the sample space to real life. There are two types of random variables, discrete and continuous. A discrete random variable is one in which the number of possible values is finite or countably infinite.

We'll jump right in with a formal definition of the covariance. Two questions you might have right now: 1 What does the covariance mean? That is, what does it tell us? We'll be answering the first question in the pages that follow. Well, sort of!

An In-Depth Crash Course on Random Variables

In probability theory and statistics , covariance is a measure of the joint variability of two random variables. The sign of the covariance therefore shows the tendency in the linear relationship between the variables. The magnitude of the covariance is not easy to interpret because it is not normalized and hence depends on the magnitudes of the variables.

When introducing the topic of random variables, we noted that the two types — discrete and continuous — require different approaches. The equivalent quantity for a continuous random variable, not surprisingly, involves an integral rather than a sum. Several of the points made when the mean was introduced for discrete random variables apply to the case of continuous random variables, with appropriate modification. Recall that mean is a measure of 'central location' of a random variable. An important consequence of this is that the mean of any symmetric random variable continuous or discrete is always on the axis of symmetry of the distribution; for a continuous random variable, this means the axis of symmetry of the pdf.

In probability theory and statistics , the multivariate normal distribution , multivariate Gaussian distribution , or joint normal distribution is a generalization of the one-dimensional univariate normal distribution to higher dimensions. One definition is that a random vector is said to be k -variate normally distributed if every linear combination of its k components has a univariate normal distribution. Its importance derives mainly from the multivariate central limit theorem.

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These ideas are unified in the concept of a random variable which is a numerical summary of random outcomes.

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