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How many times does the average person laugh in a day?

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How many times does the average person laugh in a day? Just think how much you laugh an hour and you'll be around the right number. However, if he leaves the chicken with the grain, the chicken will eat the grain. Hey, can I have some money? Word cloud poll questions. Kids, teenagers and adults can team up and play our fun quiz rounds with a separate answers list by simply selecting the relevant quiz round link.

The world is a strange and funny place. By Finlay Greig. Get ready for the unexpected with the multiple-choice questions in this quiz. The Average American does what 22 times a day? A: Opens Fridge. So read on; hopefully, one will put a smile on your face. In most cases, even the most innocent question would bring out the naughty side in you.

Naturally, the best-case scenario would be that one's students would understand all of the material they're being tested on and answer the questions correctly. Pub Quiz Questions and Answers The team at Challenge the Brain spend hours writing Pub Quiz Questions and Answers to create the perfect pub quiz night for you: from silly trivia such as 'Do anteaters have teeth', and fun questions like 'In French, which direction is gauche', to movie and music trivia, general knowledge, history, science and georgraphy questions.

Hopefully it's like a comedic version of a trivia game. Best of all, everyone gets to can learn a thing or two! Here in this we have added 50 baby shower trivia questions with answers for your ease to find everything you. What does he think happens to These funny quiz questions were designed to make you smile and enjoy your day. Anne on June 21, Hi Adele. Gone are the short lived days between lockdowns when you could spend your evenings in the pub, or at a restaurant well, at least until 10pm.

Have fun and laugh as you take this funny quiz. Do you ever talk to yourself? It's 13! I actually thought it'd be more than that - hopefully some of these funny quiz questions and answers will add to that number! Sometimes but when I realize I stop C. What is a Rocky Mountain oyster? Word clouds are a popular way to visualize open-response questions. On Sunday in Florida it is illegal for a single woman to do what? Have you ever heard that there's no such thing as a stupid question?

Just stupid answers. What country has the most islands in the world? The reason is that, MCQs have some options and you have no need to do cramming like subjective type questions.

With this in mind Dumb trivia quiz questions with the answers. This quiz is full of fun questions. Sort through curious trivia questions to find the best answers. It is not a problem. What is Johnny Depp afraid of? A: Clowns. Will you?! Here's a hint: Don't take this quiz seriously, and you'll do just fine! Start Quiz Ideally suited readymade household quizzes, native individuals that end to the successful job hunting.

While these aren't your usual knock-knock jokes, these random and funny trivia questions are sure to brighten your day! Have enjoyable! Straightforward fun quiz questions and answers general knowledge. At the end of the quiz, we have a section to help you score this fun game.

Scroll down for your brain challenge! A little girl kicks a soccer ball. A silly joke can lead to a relationship that lasts a lifetime. What questions should I never ask you? How do you treat people who annoy you for no reason at all? If you wrote a book, what would its title be? If you had to leave home because of an emergency, what 3 things would you take with you?

What makes you sing? What makes you dance? What would you wish for if a genie gave you three wishes? When a child's answer to a question on a quiz or test is incorrect but clever, should they get credit for it?

Here are 30 clever test answers that will make you wonder what's better — the correct answer or the clever one. Some people intentionally give funny answers to such tricky questions just to spark funny conversations among a group. Which fairy tale character slept for years? Take a funny quiz or fun personality quiz and go quiz-crazy at QuizRocket! Take this quiz to find out how much you know compared to the rest of the world by answering questions about random trivia.

If you could easily buy the vehicle of your choice, what would it be? Because he is dead; 8. Funny get to know you questions are quite possibly the best and easiest way to get to know someone. Serena on June 22, nice. Francophiles are crazy about all things French. Because I 2. What is the name given to an animal that only eats plants?

The tallest building in the world is located in which city? These funny questions are neither personal nor political, so they won't make anyone uncomfortable. Expect questions about celebrities, questions about animals, questions about cheese yes really and some sporting trivia thrown into the mix, too.

The other half. No time at all it is already built; 3. Whether youre looking for fun questions to ask at a baby shower or if you need baby. It is an obvious thing without any doubt that the funny trivia questions and answers will always motivate the children to learn, other than this the funny random trivia questions motivate teachers to teach with more energy and understanding. Which Disney prince is the hottest? What is your most random memory off the top of your head? How many licks does it take to get to the Tootsie center of a Tootsie Pop?

When was the last time you had an epic face-plant or wipe-out? Updated Wednesday, 27th January , pm. Quizzes Create a quiz Progress: 1 of 10 questions Since The Master's Book is set in belgium, here are some questions on that country, which isn't at all as boring as some people think.

What would you say to the President if you had the chance? If you could have a conversation with any one of our world leaders, who would it be and why? As a child, what did you wish to become when you grew up? Quiz I Which sort of poisoning of hat-maker is a popular explanation of the phrase, "Mad as a hatter"? Which Hollywood film actress, a star from the late s to the s, was famous for her inventions which included technology that paved the way for modern Wi-Fi?

Native to the Caribbean, what sort of animal is the mountain chicken? More pages of questions. A quiz full of crazy questions guaranteed to turn your brain upside down. Wednesday, 27th January , pm. I wanted to put together a question English food quiz. So, let's get your mind ready for the mess up! Funny Trick Questions. The following questions are going to make your mind go crazy doing flips as it tries to figure out the answer.

This game is intended to cause laughter. Funniest Quiz Questions II. What is the name of the tree that produces conkers? Some trick questions provide laughs because they are so silly.

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These CDS previous year question papers will help you understand the exact level as well as the section-wise topics which carry more weightage in the exam. Note: We will upload more previous year question papers of CDS exam in upcoming days. Pawan Makode Dec 7, Shankar Suyal Dec 30, Kundan Yadav Dec 31, Shivam Shreeh Jan 8,

for TR Examination and Latest General Knowledge Questions And Answers Pdf. GK QUIZ Home Facebook. General Knowledge.

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Ib Chemistry Question Bank. Please note that the A level website is still very much under construction and new material is being added on a daily basis. Questions Qawise PDF.

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Our Kids General Knowledge Quiz Questions are based on fun topics to keep them entertained for hours such as music, history Vocabulary quiz. Our intensive training program offers tailor made learning. The multiple choice quiz provides three levels of difficulty or topic specific instruction, such as business or home life.

It would take hardly one hour to go through past year papers and this one hour would teach you about the kind of stuff that gets asked in the exam. I would strongly recommend to all IIFT GK students to please go through this post in details and honestly assess yourself as to how much you would have scored in the actual exam. To clear the cutoff, you would need to get around questions correct in each of the past IIFT GK papers from previous years given below. Your goal should be to get approximately 6 to 8 questions correct from the lot given below without any errors. Which of the following countries is not a member of TPP?

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