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Subscription price Impact factor Clarivate Analytics 0. It focuses on ground-breaking research in the science of environmental pollution, at the early scientific stage. The objectives of IJEP are to establish an effective channel of communication between policy makers, government agencies academics and research institutions and persons concerned with the complex issues of environment and pollution, and to provide a forum for them to disseminate information and to learn from each other s work.

Environmental and Pollution Science, Second Edition, provides the latest information on the environmental influence of a significant number of subjects, and discusses their impact on a new generation of students. This updated edition of Pollution Science has been renamed to reflect a wider view of the environmental consequences we pay as a price for a modern economy. The authors have compiled the latest information to help students assess environmental quality using a framework of principles that can be applied to any environmental problem.

Introduction to Environmental Science - 2nd Edition

The journal "Nature Environment and Pollution Technology" is a quarterly scientific research journal, devoted to broader aspects of the environment, and published in March, June, September and December in a year.

The journal has now become open access fully online journal from the year with ISSN: Online. The Journal has reputed International Editorial Advisory Board and publishes thoroughly reviewed papers. The Journal is indexed in Scopus databases, Ulrich's database and many other reputed indexing and abstracting agencies. Oil sludge is one of the major industrial solid wastes from petroleum production and refining.

Implementing the harmless and resource treatment of oily sludge is an urgent problem to be solved. Compared with the non-catalyst, oil recovery rate can be increased from Bioaccessibility of eight potentially toxic elements PTEs , their human exposure and health risk assessments were determined in the indoor dust of residence and schools from the Asansol Industrial area, India. The PTEs concentrations were maximum during the winter both at houses and schools.

The average PTEs concentrations throughout the year in Asansol were 3. X-ray powder diffraction indicated an abundance of quartz in the indoor dust. Principal component analysis PCA indicated multiple sources such as traffic, industries, and lithogenic sources for PTEs in indoor dust.

Percentage of bioaccessibility was maximum for Cd Monte Carlo simulation model indicated that all the cumulative probability of Hazard Quotient HQ for collectively eight metals was below 1. Pal, M. Gope, A. Basu, T. Laha, R. Masto, R.

Labar, T. Kundu, R. Hoque, P. Khillare and S. To find out the spatial dependence of carbon emissions and its evolution characteristics is the key to achieving regional differential emission reduction strategy. In this study, 30 provinces with different population sizes and in different stages of development in China, were selected to explore the spatial heterogeneity of carbon emissions by exploratory spatial data analysis ESDA , combined with geographically and temporally weighted regression GTWR.

The findings revealed that 1 energyrelated carbon emissions at the province-level in China increased from to , with an increment of 8, million tons; 2 there is a significant positive spatial correlation between provincial carbon emissions, which showed the characteristics of rising first and then falling; this indicated that provincial carbon emissions have obvious spatial dependent characteristics; 3 the tertiary industry ratio had a restraining effect on carbon emissions, whereas the other three variables, namely GDP, urbanization rate, and energy intensity had a positive effect on carbon emissions of provinces in China; and 4 province-scale spatial differences in and distribution patterns of carbon emissions within the same countrywide, which will help decision making in terms of carbon trading and ecological compensation mechanisms.

Therefore, we suggested that in the formulation of reduction policies for carbon emissions, policymakers need to adapt to local conditions which accord to the characteristics of the province. As a pillar industry with high energy consumption and low efficiency, the building industry of China has produced consistently high carbon emission levels in recent years.

The important goals in the coordinated development of this industry include the large-scale development of green buildings, the use of energy technologies to reduce carbon emissions, and an effective reduction of carbon intensity. Prefabricated buildings have become popular in this industry due to their low energy consumption, emission, and pollution and environment-friendly nature.

This paper examines those factors that influence the carbon emissions from the construction of prefabricated buildings across three phases, namely, production in plants, logistics transportation, and assembly construction, builds an evaluation index system for studying the carbon emissions in the materialization phase of prefabricated buildings, and employs the hierarchical fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method to construct an evaluation model.

Results show that the overall energy consumption of prefabricated buildings is lower than that of traditional concrete pouring-type buildings. The hierarchical fuzzy comprehensive evaluation model is scientific and reasonable when used to measure the comprehensive benefits of carbon emissions from prefabricated buildings. By taking a project in Zhengzhou City, Henan Province as an example, the comprehensive evaluation results show that the carbon emissions of this project are at moderate levels.

The carbon emissions from prefabricated buildings can be reduced by expanding the market scale of the building industry, adjusting its use of building materials, and setting up special funds for these buildings. The findings of this work provide a certain reference value for analysing the differences between prefabricated and traditional buildings in terms of their carbon emissions in the materialization phase, for evaluating how the carbon emissions of the former can be reduced, and for formulating and executing building emission reduction plans.

Proper management of used electrical and electronic equipment EEE , known as e-waste, is causing a significant challenge for many countries around the world. United Nations estimate that the world generated 53 million metric tonnes Mt of e-waste in , mostly from the Asian region.

Poor handling of e-waste can cause severe environmental and human health issues due to the toxic compounds in e-waste.

E-waste also contains valuable metals worth recovering. Many countries are in the process of developing regulations based on extended producer responsibility EPR concepts. This paper aims to review the current status, issues, and challenges faced by Asia Pacific countries and suggest a way forward for the ESM of e-waste.

Intending to remove toxic graphene oxide GO from wastewater, LDH layered double hydroxide was employed to recover GO by adsorption method. The adsorption performance and the mechanism of LDH for GO have been systematically studied by diverse characterization technologies and methods.

XPS test shows that the adsorption process is carried out through C? O and O? The current study is an endeavour to measure the bioaccumulation potentials of heavy metals in different parts of chilli plants Capsicum annuum L. Cr concentration in fruits was lower than that of the WHO standard.

However, fruits grown on medium contaminated soil contained 0. Accumulation of Pb was higher than Cr at different levels of contamination in every part of the chilli plants. The bioconcentration factors were higher in Pb than Cr. The present study can be considered a reference for assessment and monitoring of heavy metals associated with human health risks in chilli plants at different industrially contaminated sites.

The present study provides two naturally available sources for making adsorbents, waste tyres and Bauhinia purpurea leaves, for the removal of lead from effluents.

Equilibrium isotherms, kinetic models and thermodynamic studies were applied to observe the suitability of these adsorbents. Response surface methodology was adopted to investigate the influence of different process variables in lead adsorption process using both the adsorbents.

For all the process parameters, the square and linear model terms were having significant effect than interactive model terms of lead adsorption process for both the adsorbents.

The interaction effects of the process variables of X1X2, X1X3, X2X3 and X2X4 were highly influenced by the percentage removal of lead by using activated carbons prepared from waste tyres. To study the interaction effects of the process variables of X1X2, X2X3 and X2X4 were highly influenced by the adsorption efficiency of lead by using activated carbons prepared from Bauhinia purpurea leaves.

All the squared terms, X1, X2, X3 and X4 show a negative influence on the adsorption of lead on the two adsorbents. The interaction effect between process variables of X1X2 p: 0.

Based on the statistical approach, the experimental results were analysed by using ACWT and ACBPL adsorbents for the removal of lead and the optimum process conditions were as follows: pH: 4. The objective of this study is to examine the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of swimming pool water in Mafraq city, north of Jordan and the overall quality of the used water.

Sampling was carried out weekly for eight successive weeks between July and August before bathing after disinfection and after bathing and analysed in Al al-Bayt University and Ministry of Environment laboratories. The parameters used to evaluate the quality of water in swimming pools were temperature, pH, electrical conductivity EC , dissolved oxygen DO , residual chlorine Cl2 , total organic carbon TOC , trihalomethanes THM , major cations and anions, selected heavy metals, and total coliform bacteria, E.

Most of the physical and chemical parameters analysed were within the recommended limit except for pH and EC. Residual chlorine exceeded the permissible limits in SW3 before and after bathing, recording mean values of pH, EC 4. The dissolved oxygen was less than the recommended limit.

Total coliforms, E. A total of 18 samples were collected from two different sites at different depths of Yamuna river bed in Delhi. Nine samples were collected at Site A Palla Village from three different locations at different depths of the river bed. A similar set of 9 samples were collected from Site B Okhla barrage. The major elements found in the study were Si, O, Al and Nb. Si and O are found in a maximum amount in all the samples with a varying range of atomic percentage The recorded atomic percentage of Nb was 0.

Site A, Palla is least affected by pollution while at Site B the presence of Al revealed contamination from pollutants. The weight percentage of the elements has also been calculated. SEM images of soil samples revealed the platy flakes, irregular and spongy structure of soil particles. This study aimed to investigate the bioaccumulation and elimination of lead Pb in Fejervarya limnocharis frogs as well as to determine the genotoxic effects of direct Pb exposure at different concentrations and lengths of time.

Four varying concentrations 0, 5, 10 and 20 mg. The concentration of Pb in the water samples used to house the frogs and the concentration of lead in frog muscle tissues were analysed at 24, 48 and 72 hours after injection by inductively coupled plasma optical emission spectrometry.

Pb was detected at a level that exceeded the standard 0. L-1 concentrations after 24 hours groups and 5 mg. L-1 concentration after 48 hours group. Only the concentration of the water in the 20 mg. L-1 for 72 hours group exceeded the standard 0. Genetic differentiation was studied by inter simple sequence repeats ISSR with dendrogram construction and analysis of genetic similarity S for each duration of exposure.

A total of , and bands were generated by ISSR for the 24, 48 and 72 hours groups, respectively. In each dendrogram, individual injections with the same Pb concentration clustered together, and it appeared that higher concentrations resulted in greater genotoxicity. In addition, this study could provide a basic application to develop F. The study was of one-year duration The results showed that there were five species as winter migrants, one as summer migrant, six as local migrants, and 46 as resident species.

Only one species, i. Psittacula eupatria was found to be in the near threatened category. These sites have a potential of augmentation of avian fauna shortly and these spaces abide by many species with a larger diversity than estimated. The present study is the first-ever record of avian species in the three sites of Indore city.

The results of this study support the scope of conservation of these spaces for increasing the number of species shortly.

Supersaturated water can adversely affect many species of fish and can sometimes lead to death. In the present study, we established an experimental platform on the downstream section of the Dagangshan Hydropower Station on the Dadu River. During flood discharge at the Dagangshan Hydropower Station, the river water supersaturation concentration at the experimental site was monitored, and a unique fish in the river section was selected for a cage experiment.

[PDF] Environmental and Pollution Science, Second Edition Popular Colection

The journal "Nature Environment and Pollution Technology" is a quarterly scientific research journal, devoted to broader aspects of the environment, and published in March, June, September and December in a year. The journal has now become open access fully online journal from the year with ISSN: Online. The Journal has reputed International Editorial Advisory Board and publishes thoroughly reviewed papers. The Journal is indexed in Scopus databases, Ulrich's database and many other reputed indexing and abstracting agencies. Oil sludge is one of the major industrial solid wastes from petroleum production and refining.

Environmental and Pollution Science, Third Edition, continues its tradition on providing readers with the scientific basis to understand, manage, mitigate, and prevent pollution across the environment, be it air, land, or water. Pollution originates from a wide variety of sources, both natural and man-made, and occurs in a wide variety of forms including, biological, chemical, particulate or even energy, making a multivariate approach to assessment and mitigation essential for success. This third edition has been updated and revised to include topics that are critical to addressing pollution issues, from human-health impacts to environmental justice to developing sustainable solutions. Environmental and Pollution Science, Third Edition is designed to give readers the tools to be able to understand and implement multi-disciplinary approaches to help solve current and future environmental pollution problems. Professionals and students focused on the environment including environmental science, aquatic sciences, microbiology, hydrology, earth science, environmental engineering, chemistry, physics and biology, in addition to conservationists, ecologists, toxicologists.

science to bear, altering prices and other economic incen- tives, perceiving pollution as transboundary and global, and progressing to a stable world population.

Environmental and Pollution Science

The first week of December was unusually cold in London, so residents burned large quantities of coal in their fireplaces to keep warm. Early on December 5, moisture in the air began condensing into fog near the ground. The fog mixed with smoke from domestic fires and emissions from factories and diesel-powered buses. Normally the fog would have risen higher in the atmosphere and dispersed, but cold air kept it trapped near the ground. Over the next four days, the smog became so thick and dense that many parts of London were brought to a standstill.

Understanding pollution, its behaviour and impact is becoming increasingly important, as new technologies and legislation continually lower the tolerable levels of pollutants released into the environment. Introduction to Pollution Science draws upon sections of the authors' previous text Understanding our Environment and reflects the growing trend of a more sophisticated approach to teaching environmental science at university. This new revised book discusses the basics of environmental pollution drawing upon chemistry, physics and biological sciences.

Environmental Pollutants and the Risk of Neurological Disorders pp. Cyanobacterial Blooms and Water Ecological Restoration pp. Environmental Toxicology and Biogeochemistry of Ecosystems pp. Challenges in Emerging Environmental Contaminants pp. Advances in Environmental Biotechnology and Engineering pp.

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