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Pharmacophores And Pharmacophore Searches Pdf

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Metrics details. Nuclear receptors NRs constitute an important class of therapeutic targets. We could generate selective pharmacophores for agonist and antagonist ligands and we found that the best performances were obtained by combining the structure-based and the ligand-based approaches. The 3D pharmacophores herein presented can thus be used as a predictor of the pharmacological activity of NRs ligands.

Discriminating agonist and antagonist ligands of the nuclear receptors using 3D-pharmacophores

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Water Pharmacophore: Designing Ligands using Molecular Dynamics Simulations with Water

Larissa M. Janay S. David B. Manoelito C. Franco H. Chagas disease is a tropical parasitic disease that is caused by Trypanosoma cruzi and causes 12, deaths per year, mainly in Latin America. The available drugs for treating have severe limitations, including poor efficacy and high toxicity.

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David Ryan Koes, Carlos J. A pharmacophore describes the spatial arrangement of the essential features of an interaction. Compounds that match a well-defined pharmacophore serve as potential lead compounds for drug discovery. ZINCPharmer provides tools for constructing and refining pharmacophore hypotheses directly from molecular structure. A search of million conformers of The results can be immediately viewed, or the aligned structures may be downloaded for off-line analysis.

Structure-based three-dimensional pharmacophores as an alternative to traditional methodologies

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Pharmacophores and Pharmacophore Searches

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Pharmacophore modeling: advances, limitations, and current utility in drug discovery

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Pharmacophores and Pharmacophore Searches, Volume Editor(s). Prof. Dr. Thierry Langer; Dr. Rémy D. Hoffmann.

Pharmacophores and pharmacophore searches pdf

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