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These solutions for Metals And Non Metals are extremely popular among Class 8 students for Science Metals And Non Metals Solutions come handy for quickly completing your homework and preparing for exams. Name some common metals. Total Marks : Click here for Most elements are metals.


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Show More. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. No notes for slide. Can you name the materials which are metals? Metals can be distinguished from non- metals on the basis of their physical and chemical properties.

If they were beaten harder these could be changed into sheets. You might be familiar with silver foil used for decorating sweets. You must also be familiar with the aluminium foil used for wrapping food. The property of metals by which they can be beaten into thin sheets is called malleability. This is a characteristic property of metals. As you must have noticed, materials like coal and pencil lead do not show this property. Beat the iron nail with a hammer.

Try to hit hard. Hit hard also the aluminium wire. Then repeat the same kind of treatment on the coal piece and pencil lead. Record your observations. You saw that the shape of the iron nail and the aluminium wire changed on beating. Can you hold a hot metallic pan which is without a plastic or a wooden handle and not get hurt?

Perhaps not! Try to list some other experiences in which a wooden or plastic handle protects you from being hurt while handling hot things.

On the basis of these experiences what can you say about the conduction of heat by wood and plastic? You must have seen an electrician using his screw driver. What kind of handle does it have?

Let us find out. You know how to make an electric circuit to test whether electricity can pass through an object or not. You might have performed the activity with various objects. Now, repeat the activity with the materials. Observe and group these materials into good conductors and poor conductors. Through this, we can come to know that which of the metals are poor conductors and which are good conductors.

Have you seen wires of coal? Definitely not! The property of metal by which it can be drawn into wires is called ductility. Since metals produce ringing sounds, they are said to be sonorous. Have you seen wooden bells in temples? Can you give reason? After performing the above activities, we can say that some materials are hard, lustrous, malleable, ductile, sonorous and good conductors of heat and electricity.

The materials which generally posses these properties are called metals. The examples of metals are iron, copper, aluminium, calcium, magnesium, etc. In contrast, materials like coal and sulphur are soft and dull in appearance.

They break down into powdery mass on tapping with hammer. They are not sonorous and are poor conductors of heat and electricity. These materials are called non- metals. The examples of non-metals are sulphur, carbon, oxygen, phosphorus, etc. You had learnt that in both the processes oxide formation takes place. You will find that the rust remains suspended in water.

Shake the suspension well. Test the solution with red and blue litmus paper. What do you observe? Is the solution acidic or basic? So, oxide of magnesium is also basic in nature. In general, metallic oxides are basic in nature. If deflagrating spoon is not available, you may take a metallic cap of any bottle and wrap a metallic wire around it. Precautions to be taken: Cover the tumbler with a lid to ensure that the gas produced does not escape.

Remove the spoon after some time. Add a small quantity of water into the tumbler and quickly replace the lid. Shake the tumbler well. Check the solution with red and blue litmus papers. When sulphur dioxide is dissolved in water sulphurous acid is formed.

Generally, oxides of non-metals are acidic in nature Sodium metal is very reactive. It reacts vigorously with oxygen and water.

A lot of heat is generated in the reaction. It is, therefore, stored in kerosene. NOTE: During demonstration special care should be taken that the size of the sodium metal piece is roughly the size of a wheat grain. It should be held with a pair of tongs. Fill half of it with water.

Now carefully cut a small piece of sodium metal. Dry it using filter paper and wrap it in a small piece of cotton. Put the sodium piece wrapped in cotton into the beaker. Observe carefully. What do you feel?

CHAPTER 4 - MATERIALS : METALS AND NON METALS - PPT, Science, Class 8 Class 8 Notes | EduRev

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Iron does not occur in the native state as it is oxidized easily. Iron in elemental state occurs in meteorites. Iron is an important of haemoglobin of blood. Iron is also present plant and animal tissues. The most important ores of the iron. What happens in the Blast Furnace? The purpose of a Blast Furnace is to reduce the concentrated ore chemically to its liquid metal state.

Chapter 4 - Materials : Metals and Non-Metals Class 8 notes

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Some elements show properties of both metals and non metals. They are called metalloids. Most metals are found in the combined states as oxides, sulphides, carbonates, silicates etc. Metals Metals are solids except mercury. Metals are hard except sodium, potassium etc.

Reaction of metals with oxygen : Metals react with oxygen under different conditions to form basic oxides. These basic oxides react with water to form bases which turn red litmus into blue. Sodium and potassium react with oxygen vigorously at room temperature.

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