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Royal And Select Masters Ritual Pdf

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These degrees are the gateway to Temple restoration rituals or the Second Temple Legend. Masonic Degrees were probably not actually conferred in these vaults.

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Royal & Select Masters

Remember Me. All Brethren will profess that being a mason is a wonderful and fulfilling experience, full of interest and instrumental in making one aware of the duties we owe to other members and society in general. However, some are content to remain only in the Craft, at the same declaring their love of freemasonry. It is rather like saying that you enjoy a game of golf and never going further than a driving range! Mark Masonry is concerned with the quarries and the Overseers who presided over lodges of operative masons who were preparing the stones for the building of the first Temple. It is returned to us through the ritual of the Holy Royal Arch of Jerusalem. In the Royal Arch Chapter, the lost secrets of a Master Mason are conveyed to the candidate and the building of the second Temple is studied.

Royal and Select Masters

It can be seen, therefore, that the Cryptic Degrees form a vital and interesting link between the Craft and Royal Arch, making the connection much more logical and completing the legend of King Solomon and his Temple. The Four Degrees are as follows: Select Master The preparations for the building of the Temple having commenced in the Mark Degree, the three Grand Masters are anxious that the form of the sacred treasures, including the Ark of the Covenant, could be lost forever in the event of the Temple being sacked. They therefore arrange for a small number of Select Masons, sworn to secrecy, to construct a secret vault beneath the Holy of Holies and deposit replicas therein. Royal Master The Temple is nearing its completion and certain Overseers are anxious to receive the Master Word and be honoured with the rank of Royal Master before their employment ceases. Shortly before his death Hiram Abif explains to one of these Overseers, Adoniram, that with patience and industry he will, in due time, receive it. This discourse is widely regarded as the most beautiful in any Masonic Degree.

The Order of Royal and Select Masters, often known as the Cryptic Degrees, is open to those who are both Royal Arch and Mark Master Masons and consists of​.

The Ninth Arch & the Secret Tradition

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Order of Royal and Select Masters

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Thrice Illustrious Master T. Illustrious Deputy Master D. Illustrious Principal Conductor of the Work P. Chaplain 5. Treasurer 6.

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CRYPTIC MASONS. The Grand Council Royal & Select Masters of. Washington

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Ritual. The Grand Council Royal and Select Masters of Iowa is proud to offer the Iowa rituals for the Royal Get the ritual electronically in PDF or ePub format.

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The legends behind the ritual of the Royal and Select Masters degrees are among those with only a vague basis in biblical antecedents. Unlike the legend of.

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Royal and Select Masters Ritual for Select Master. Officers of a Council of Select Masters: 1. Thrice Illustrious Master (T.I.M.) 2. Illustrious Deputy Master.