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It is the busiest line on the "L" system, with an average of , passengers boarding each weekday in Like the Blue Line , the Red Line runs 24 hours a day, days a year. The Red Line extends southeasterly on an elevated embankment structure about a half-mile 1 kilometer west of the lakefront to Touhy Avenue then turns south along Glenwood Avenue to Morse station.

The Diplomacy of "Red Lines"

It is the busiest line on the "L" system, with an average of , passengers boarding each weekday in Like the Blue Line , the Red Line runs 24 hours a day, days a year. The Red Line extends southeasterly on an elevated embankment structure about a half-mile 1 kilometer west of the lakefront to Touhy Avenue then turns south along Glenwood Avenue to Morse station.

From there the route swings on a sweeping reverse curve to the east to Sheridan Road, adjacent to Loyola University Chicago and continues southerly parallel to Broadway to the east in Edgewater and follows Broadway to Leland Avenue.

From here, the route transitions from concrete embankment to steel elevated structure. Wrigley Field , home of the Chicago Cubs , is served by the Addison station. South of Roosevelt Road, there is a junction, with one pair of tracks curving to the east and leaving the subway at 13th Street and connects to the old South Side "L" at 18th and State Streets.

This section was used from October 17, , until February 21, , when trains from Howard were routed to the Englewood and Jackson Park branches today the south branches of the Green Line. The 13th Street portal is now used for non-service train moves and emergency purposes. This service was used again from April 3, to November 22, and July 30, to April 26, Unique to the Red Line, it is the only Chicago "L" line that connects to all seven other "L" lines full-time. The Purple Line shares the distinction only when it runs its weekday rush hour route.

At 13th Street, the subway swings away from State Street on a reverse curve to the southwest then rises to another portal at 16th Street adjacent Metra 's Rock Island District line. The Red Line leaves at 16th Street and continues southward on an elevated structure to 24th Street.

There is a stop at Cermak—Chinatown on this portion. Chicago pioneered using expressway medians for local "L" train lines the other two being the Eisenhower Expressway and Kennedy Expressways , which both carry portions of the Blue Line. Beyond the interchange, the Dan Ryan and Bishop Ford expressways continue towards the city's limits south without a transit line in the median strip, but with a wide grass median where future extensions of the rapid transit line is an option.

An extension to th Street is in its final planning stages. This extension includes three elevated stations at rd, th, and Michigan, an at-grade terminal station at th. On May 19, , at 2 a. The Red Line is operated with the Bombardier -built series railcars. From until October , the Red Line was operated with the series cars, during weekday rush hours, and from until , the Red Line was operated with the series cars.

As the series cars were delivered, the Red Line's series cars were transferred to other lines to replace the series cars; from October until April , several of the Red Line's series cars were transferred over to the Purple Line as they were displaced on the Red Line by the series cars.

Beginning in June , CTA began to transfer the series cars from the Red Line over to the Blue Line due to them being newer than the existing Blue Line cars, transferring the Blue Line's older series cars to the Orange Line as an interim replacement for its series cars. Beginning in October , CTA had also started transferring some of the Red Line's series cars to the Orange Line, replacing the Orange Line's remaining series cars until the Red Line was fully equipped with the series cars.

Like the Blue Line , the Red Line runs 24 hours a day. On weekdays, service runs very frequently at 30tph trains per hour during rush hour, and 8tph during the midday and nighttime. On Saturdays 6tph in the early morning, then increase to 10—11 tph during the day, then 8tph at night. On Sundays, service runs 6tph early morning, then increase to 8tph minutes all day into early evening, 6tph later at night. The oldest section of the line opened on May 31, , running from the Loop to Wilson. The route was extended to Central Street in Evanston on May 16, , via leased and electrified trackage belonging to the Chicago, Milwaukee and St.

Paul Railway. The ground-level section between Leland Avenue and Howard Street was elevated on a concrete embankment structure and widened to four tracks in The State Street subway opened on October 17, , providing two new tracks bypassing the Loop tracks and the portion of the North and South Side "L" lines not equipped with express tracks.

By providing an express route free of the most restrictive curves on the Chicago "L" and shorter than the old line it supplemented, the subway reduced running time by as much as eleven minutes for a one-way trip.

The route was placed in operation on October 17, , [7] for a portion of the through north—south trains, although other trains continued to use the "L" both on through trips and on services circling the Loop and returning to the point of origin.

On August 1, , the North—South route was revised to create a more efficient routing through the Central Business District and handle the heavy volumes of passenger traffic using it. This "interim" service was created mainly for the purpose of providing through service between the west side and the south side in anticipation of the Loop Subway Project.

When the controversial subway project was cancelled in , the Lake-Dan Ryan service remained and lasted for 24 years.

This level of ridership allowed the CTA to develop a more efficient system by combining the more heavily used rail lines together and combining the other lines together, providing increased service capacity for the routes that need it. A further operational benefit of this switch was that this freed up capacity in the Loop needed for the addition of the Orange Line to Midway Airport. The former tracks used to move West-South trains from the Loop to the Dan Ryan line are still retained for non-revenue moves and service disruptions.

The Dan Ryan Branch of the Red Line underwent a rehabilitation period to improve its aging infrastructure which ended in early This project started in June and was completed in December This project will decrease train backups and increase the number of trains that can cross the junction per hour. Construction on the flyover began on October 2, and will be completed by the end of Since [update] , proposals have been underway to extend the Red Line south from 95th Street.

The CTA developed nine different proposed routes, one of which includes routing the Red Line down the median of the Bishop Ford Freeway and another in the median of Interstate During an alternatives analysis meeting on April 11, , CTA narrowed further study down to five possible routes, two for bus rapid transit and three for heavy rail rapid transit.

In December , at the Screen 2 presentation of the federally mandated Alternatives Analysis Study, the possible corridors and modes of transit were furthered narrowed down to either Halsted Street bus rapid transit or elevated Heavy Rail Transit and the Union Pacific Railroad corridor elevated Heavy Rail Transit.

In addition to the terminal station at th, three new stations would be built at rd, th, and Michigan, and a new yard and shop would be built at th street. Transfer station for Orange and Green Lines.

There are two rail yards for the Red Line cars: Howard Yard , for the northern portion of the line and the 98th Yard for the southern portion of the line. Another yard, the th Yard has been proposed as part of the Red Line extension. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Purple to Linden. Yellow to Dempster—Skokie. Evanston Chicago. Brown to Kimball. Washington closed. Blue to Forest Park. Orange to Midway. Green to 63rd Street. Red Line extension planned. Bus connections at all stations except Jarvis. This diagram: view talk edit.

Main article: North Side Main Line. Berwyn station is typical of stations on the northern section of the Red Line. Main article: State Street subway. Main article: Dan Ryan branch. Main article: Red Ahead. Archived from the original PDF on December 6, Retrieved May 5, Curbed Chicago. Retrieved May 2, Chicago Transit Authority. Retrieved June 15, Retrieved October 8, Retrieved December 2, Chicago Daily Tribune.

May 30, July 31, July 29, March 14, Archived from the original on March 14, Retrieved August 18, Chicago Tribune. Retrieved January 19, Chicago Reader.

Chicago Sun-Times. August 1, CBS Chicago. October 2, ABC7 Chicago. Retrieved October 9, Red Line Extension Project. Archived from the original on January 7, Retrieved December 17, Archived from the original on January 8,

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It serves 26 stations between Beaverton and Portland, running predominantly east—west. Service runs for 22 hours per day on a headway of at least 15 minutes daily. It is the second-busiest service in the MAX system, carrying an average of 22, passengers per weekday in September Proposals for an airport light rail service surfaced in the mids and efforts were accelerated following Portland International Airport's rapid expansion in the s. Conceived from an unsolicited proposal from engineering company Bechtel in , the Airport MAX Project was designed and built under a public—private partnership between a consortium of Bechtel and Trammell Crow , the Port of Portland , and local governments.

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How to Remove Red and Green Wavy Underlines in Word Document

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