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Depreciation Of Rupee And Its Impact On Indian Economy Pdf

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The fall in the value of Indian rupee has several consequences which could have mixed effects on Indian economy.

MBA aspirants must be updated with General Awareness on current topics. Today, you will read General Awareness Topic:. Almost a year ago, Indian National Rupee INR witnessed its worst time where its value slumped to the record low nearing 69 per dollar in August,

General awareness on current topics is essential as not only you will be getting questions on GK in various MBA entrance exams but it will be useful for Essay writing test and WAT also. Depreciation of rupee and it's impact. The price of a currency moves upward or downward depending upon the demand and supply forces.


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Show all documents From the start of , some 30 banks in India have been granted permission to import gold and silver. Further gold purchases are expected in coming months, as the Reserve Bank has issued licenses to seven more banks to import gold and silver. Indian banks are therefore contributing to the massive increase in demand for gold and silver. Chinese banks are also catering to the increased demand of Chinese people for gold bullion for investment and savings purposes. Financial experts believe, the increased demand for gold and silver from India and wider Asia is sustainable and that it will keep the precious metal market thriving.

Show all documents At that time the Indian rupee was linked to the British pound and its value was at par with the American dollar. There was no foreign borrowing on India's balance sheet. To finance welfare and development activities, especially with the introduction of the five-year plan in , the government started external borrowings. This required the devaluation of the rupee.

As Essay Topic. Incase OMCs increases fuel prices, there will be a considerable increase in overall cost of transportation which will lead to inflation. Students who are studying abroad have to bear the burnt of depreciating rupee. Indian rupee depreciation will also affect the tourism. Incase you are planning to spend your holiday abroad it will affect you as your travel charges as well as hotel charges will increase drastically, excluding shopping and other miscellaneous spending activity. Depreciation of rupee is definettly a good news for the overseas Indians as those who are working abroad will gain more on remitting money to their homeland. A widening CAD will definetly pose a threat to the growth of overall economy.

Depreciation of rupee is good, so long as it is not volatile. A random depreciation that we have seen in the last few months is bad and it has hurt the economy. The​.

Impact of Rupee- Dollar Fluctuations on Indian Economy: Challenges for Rbi & Indian Government

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. This paper explores the impact of Rupee — Dollar fluctuation on Indian economy. The circumstances which has been created for the economy due to depreciation of rupee against dollar reveals that there has been a strong and significant negative impact of this currency volatility on many sectors. Save to Library.

The depreciating Indian rupee was a recurring topic of discussion and debate in the Monsoon Session of the Parliament. The rupee depreciation may feed into inflation by affecting the price of imported goods, especially of oil.

The impact of rupee devaluation on productivity

The reduction in the capital-labour output ratio gives a good indication of investment growth and of self-reliance. How quick demands are met, and how soon the products are produced depend upon the growth of productivity. Self-reliance can be brought about by encouraging private sector which knows when, where, and how to reward merit where merit is due. In order to increase net national product of the country, let us join hands and encourage methods to increase productivity by co-ordination of techniques and their use. This is a preview of subscription content, access via your institution. Rent this article via DeepDyve. The author wishes to express his high appreciation to Messrs.

Well know a day Indian currency really facing down the mark value because of our global exposure was really lay down and its effect to dollars it means dollars goes high in compare to rupee as we all know there is an value of an 1 cent but in India paise was really dis appear that the reason by which Indian currency go down and down And the result by this Dollar went to high position. If we want to enrich our rupee so we have to do something we have to develop our products, management,goverment. The sharp fall in rupee against the US dollar to global economic uncertainty and supply-demand mismatch.

Currency exchange rate refers to the value of one currency with respect to another currency i. So, when we talk about currency depreciation in the Indian context, it means that the value of the Indian Rupee has fallen with respect to the US Dollar. This decline in the value of Rupee has an impact on the Indian Economy. When the rupee depreciates, the imports become more expensive. However, currency depreciation gives a boost to the exports of the country because Indian commodities become cheaper for the foreigners.


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Have you ever wondered why rupee is falling? Who fixes the value of the Indian rupee as Rs. We shall see in this article, the difference between Rupee Devaluation and Rupee Depreciation. Interesting question. Take a Free Test. At present, none of these entities fixes the value of Indian Rupee.

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Depreciation of the Indian Currency: Implications for the Indian Economy

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The study concluded that the exchange rate in Indian currency was highly depreciation of Post-liberalization period and also its impact on the Indian economy.

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PDF | The Indian rupee, which was on par with the American currency at the time of Independence in , has depreciated by a little more than 65 times.