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Compare Women And Slaves In Sparta And Athens Lesson Plan Pdf

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Government of Ancient Athens

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Scaffolded Notes. Study Guides. Task Cards. Test Prep. Unit Plans. Video Files. All Resource Types. My students absolutely love this activity! Have students compare and contrast the lives of people in Athens and Sparta. Once they have become experts they get to test their skills by placing a modern family in the appropriate city-state for a vacation! Included in this lesson you will find:Sugges. Social Studies - History , Ancient History.

Activities , Interactive Notebooks. Show more details. Add to cart. Wish List. Word Document File. For each city-state, students are given a 1 and a half page article that discusses: 1. Culture 2. Government 3. Role of Women More specifically, the articles describe: 1. Lesson Plans Individual , Handouts. I use this lesson to introduce my students to the Athens and Spartan unit for ancient Greece. Included in this purchase:-Easy graphic organizer review notes-Student worksheet-An.

Study Guides , Worksheets , Graphic Organizers. Major Standard: SS. Learning Goal: The students will be able to Recognize significant events, figures, and contributions of Greece.

Essential Question: What key contributions of Anc. World History , Close Reading. Worksheets , Activities , Assessment. Students have so much fun when they have the opportunity to use their creativity to show their understanding of a topic, and this activity does just that!

In this PBL experience, students research to learn about one aspect of life in the Greek city-states of Athens and Sparta. Then, using what they. Projects , Fun Stuff , Cooperative Learning. In this lesson of Ancient Greece, students will look at the everyday life of people from ancient Sparta and ancient Athens. Specifically, they will need to identify the similarities and differences of everyday life for people in these cities.

This lesson includes three table activities where the stu. Research , Worksheets , Activities. Athens vs. Sparta: Lesson and Debate Activity. It's the battle of the Greek city-states in this fun lesson! Students complete a reading and a chart about the Athenian and Spartan city-states, then are guided through a structured debate activity to determine which society was more successful overall. Students are assigned city-states and debate.

During the 5th Century BC, Greece was dominated by two main powers: democratic Athens and the military oligarchy of Sparta. These city-states were very different. Sparta was traditionally the great land power of the Greek world and controlled many neighboring territories who populations were tied t. PowerPoint Presentations , Handouts. Students explore life in the Greek city-states of Athens and Sparta as they complete this digital lesson.

All of the components of the learning process are included in this interactive activity.

women in sparta and athens

Education was very different in Sparta than it was in the other ancient Greek city-states. The purpose of education in other Greek city-states was to produce good citizens. In Sparta, the purpose was to produce a powerful army. In all the Greek city-states, except for Sparta, the purpose of education was to produce good citizens. Children were trained in music, art, literature, science, math, and politics. In Athens, for example, boys were taught at home until they were about six years old.

compare and contrast life in Athens and Sparta. Language Arts 4 Show an example of a Greek temple and its metopes. Tell students Repeat for economy, education, and treatment of women and slaves. • Ask, In which.

Comparing the Lives of Athenian and Spartan Women

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How to disable cisco anyconnect. Because most Spartans spent their lives as warriors Sparta used slaves to produce his 39 with goods. During this time Athens went through the golden age of art and philosophy.

Be sure to emphasize sounds with this activity, rather than the names of letters. Education in Ancient Greece. Consider the location of the Italian peninsula. Students will receive an outline map of ancient Greece 2.

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Communication of Ideas. Herodotus wrote about the wars between Persia and Greece. Thucydides wrote about the civil war between Athens and Sparta. Together these ancient Greek writers became the first true historians in Western civilization. We know little about the personal life of Herodotus.

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athens vs sparta

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women in sparta and athens


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These city-states were very different.

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Compare and contrast life in Athens and Sparta, with emphasis on their Determine the central ideas or information of a primary or secondary source; Lesson: Students learn about life in Athens and Sparta (for men and women) her husband with so much attention than if she had been a slave bought and taken.

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exercise encourages you to compare and contrast Athens and Sparta,. ATHENS. SPARTA citizens, and slaves (about of , enslaved and semi-enslaved. 40,). Women were rarely Women had few rights, but were more Directions: Use the information from the chart to answer the following questions. You may.

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me that they sit around the lunch room comparing grade In this week's social studies lesson, you will learn On the next page, you'll use this example as a model for Historical evidence suggests that slaves in Athens were treated less badly than Women in Sparta had more rights than most women in ancient Greece.