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Chemistry General Knowledge Questions And Answers Pdf In Hindi

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In the past, all the science has been known as natural science.

Chemistry GK in hindi - chemistry quiz

Test Paper Powered by WordPress. Friends, if you want more paper, then you comment on us that our team will share you all old papers. Thousands of students are associated with Sarkari Notes gets related to some new study every day. There is no substitute for consistent practice whether one wants to understand a concept thoroughly or one wants to score better. We have compiled important multiple choice objective type practice questions on General Science subject along with answers and explanations.

300 General Science Questions PDF – for Railway Exams

Hello Friends, Today we will show you the importance of General Knowledge in this article. General knowledge has a very important topic to get a high score in any examination. Almost one fourth part of the entire paper consists of these GK Questions in all competitive exams. This topic is ignored by the candidates because memorizing the General Knowledge Questions and Answers is not an easy task. But even then, the candidates have to keep trying again and again only then they can be remembered.

सामान्य विज्ञान ( General Science ) बिषय से संबंधित सभी प्रकार की PDF यहाँ से Download करें

This is probably because he is more attuned with the moral within which says that man is a reflection of God. This GK blog is one stop general knowledge blog for all the students who want to prepare Gk questions for SSC and bank exams. Now play GK, current affairs quiz and win paytm cash back money.

Ans of question 11 is wrong Chlorine bleaches by the process of oxidation.

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General Chemistry Classification Subjects, Students Evaluation, Multiple Choice Examination, Databases Introduction The student evaluation at the end of a semester usually comprises all discussed subjects on course, laboratory, seminars, and projects. Questions Settings. Chemistry : General Chemistry Answer the following questions by choosing the most appropriate option. Find answers to the chemistry quiz after the fifth question. A The first ionisation energies of the elements in Period 3 show a general decrease from sodium to chlorine. Choose your option and view given correct answer. If you are a student, parent, guardian, or teacher who would like a preview of how the USNCO digital Local Section Exam hosted nationally, contact your coordinator to see if you will use this system and National Exam Part 1 will be hosted in the ACS Learning Center, please follow this link for a short video walkthrough.

In this article, we have provided the mock test for General Knowledge Section of General Ability Test which consists of marks out of total Marks. Explanation: The filament of a light bulb is made up of Tungsten that produces light. Explanation : The value of universal gravitational constant G is 6. Explanation: The value of Pi is approximately 3. Explanation: Pure Silver is the best conductor of electricity, but since it is not so easily available, other alternatives are more popular.

As we are aware that General Knowledge GK is very important area in all the competitive exam held in the country. Most of the aspirants feel difficulty in scoring good marks in it. Now a days, a good knowledge of general awareness is very important in clearing any competitive exam. To over come all this you should have a understanding of the things happening around you. Some important topics related to General Knowledge is given below. This section comprises all the main facts about India in the examination point of view such as:.

Topic Wise GK Questions of General Science Chemistry