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The three-week Life Transformation Program is a multi-faceted detox with raw, vegan food, lectures, treatments, classes and psychotherapy designed to improve your health overall. Disclaimer: these posts reflect my own impression and opinion of the program; I was not compensated in any way, financial or otherwise, to write these reviews, and I participated as a paying guest just like everyone else there.

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The timeless influence of Hippocratic ideals on diet, salicytates and personalized medicine.

Modern understanding of disease is very different from the way it was understood in ancient Greece and Rome.

The way modern physicians approach healing of the sick differs greatly from the methods used by early general healers or elite physicians like Hippocrates or Galen. In Ancient Greece and Rome, disease was literally understood as dis-ease, or physical imbalance. Medical intervention, therefore, was purposed with goal of restoration of harmony rather than waging a war against disease.

In both prevention and treatment of disease in classical medicine, food and diet was central. The eating of correctly-balanced foods made up the majority of preventative treatment as well as to restore harmony to the body after it encountered disease. Ancient Greek Medicine is described as rational, ethical and based upon observation, conscious learning and experience.

Superstition and religious dogmatism are often excluded from descriptions of ancient Greek medicine. Along with rational Greek medicine, disease was also thought of as being of supernatural origin, resulting from the gods inflicting punishment or from demonic possession. Healing was also considered to be a gift from the gods.

Sacrifices, exorcisms, spells and prayers were then carried out in order to reconcile with the gods and restore health to the patient. It was not until the time of Hippocrates , between and BC, that rational, observational and the humoral theory of medicine began to become highly influential. These substances are known as the humors. The idea of humors in the human body reflected the four terrestrial elements: air, fire, earth, and water. The human body is composed of four essential substances humors : yellow bile fire , black bile earth , blood air , and phlegm water.

These humors have to be in equilibrium for our body to be in good health. Diseases can be treated by retrieving humoral equilibrium. Galen added to the humoral theory and proposed that humors explained physiological states known as temperaments. The ideal proportion to attain harmony is "one quarter as much phlegm as blood, one sixteenth as much choler as blood, and one sixty-fourth as much melancholy as blood. Foods are classified according to the humoral theory. Food is palatable when hot, wet, dry, cold are in harmony, whil food is unpalatable when these elements are imbalanced.

Some foods produce good juices and others bad juices and often cooking and preparation of the foods can change or improve the juices of the foods. In addition, foods may be easy to assimilate easy to pass through the body , easily excreted, nourishing or not nourishing.

Therefore, the consumption of correctly-balanced foods and life-style of the patient was crucial to the prevention and treatment of disease in Ancient Greece. This brings us to the way in which seasonal food played an important role in the treatment of ancient disease.

Food and diet feature prominently in the aphorisms of the Hippocratic Corpus. Failing this the body becomes exhausted. Old men have little warmth and they need little food which produces warmth; too much only extinguishes the warmth they have. Hippocratic doctors encouraged the rejection of divine intervention and began to view the body more objectively. One of the popular remedies observed in the Hippocratic Corpus is the use of red wine.

While it was seen in a positive light, many Hippocratic physicians were also aware of the negative aspects of wine consumption along with the physical consequences of doing so.

Gout was called podagra in ancient Greek medicine and is a common arthritis caused by deposition of monosodium urate crystals within the joints. Hippocrates considered gout to be the result of an accumulation of one of the body humours that distended the joint and caused pain. Hippocrates recommended high doses of white hellebore because he believed that the best and most natural relief for gout was dysentery.

The importance of legumes in ancient Greek diet and medical practice is often disregarded. However, legumes improved the quality of the soil and were considered very important to the agriculturalists of the time. Additionally, legumes contain a high amount of albumen, which led them to be a critical dietary supplement in countries where meat was in short supply and difficult to store.

Such was the case with Greece. People in the Graeco-Roman world consumed less meat than we do today and therefore, legumes were a necessary source of protein. Medicinally, Hippocrates recommends lentils as a remedy for ulcers and hemorrhoids. The extensive medicinal qualities of the bitter vetch were thought reliable enough to later administer to Roman emperors such as Augustus.

It was also reported to relieve painful urination, flatulence, liver problems, and indigestion when roasted and mixed with honey and Hippocrates cautioned that when eaten boiled or raw, the consumption of bitter vetch may cause more flatulence or pain.

AD According to Galen, digestion begins in the mouth because this where food comes into contact with the saliva. The chewed food is then pulled into the stomach where the heat of the stomach cooks the food into chyle. The chyle is then carried to the liver where the nutrients are converted to blood and transported throughout the body,. The Ancient Greece classified cancer as a peculiar illness that is caused by the excessive amount of black bile.

This is due to the fact that out of the four humors, blood is indicative of good health. On the contrary, black bile attributes are the opposite.

Thus, the black bile humor is often referred to as an element that is most susceptible to illnesses. It is an element that is time consuming as it takes approximately two weeks to be ready to expel. Even though, cancer was not well identified during this time, it was known as something that was difficult to treat since black bile equilibrium was challenging to obtain.

As mentioned, certain types of food can affect the balance of the humours in different ways. Diseases can be treated naturally through the choice of food based upon the idea of balance. During the Ancient Rome period B. C A. D , medicine was not a well known concept. The only people that were able to provide healing were the priests since they have the connection to the divinities. Priests were doctors at the time; often known as priest-doctors.

They served as medical providers under the respect of many community members due to their high spiritual standing and morality. It was also believed that these doctors would not have been able to provide healing without the assistance from God. In Rome, treatments were frequently exercised within families. The healing process is mostly through the use of vegetables and magic formulas. One of the main providers of treatments were the paterfamilias. These 'head of household' men were responsible for providing their wives and children with proper foods when they were sick as well as many other responsibilities.

Aside from captivity, these Greek doctors and scientists also preferred practicing medicine in Rome due to the relatively better financial incentive that existed. The Romans also held the belief that the body and brain are one. They believed that if one has a healthy mind, their body wellness will follow. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Food in Antiquity.

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Ann Wigmore

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The Hippocrates Diet and Health Program

Modern understanding of disease is very different from the way it was understood in ancient Greece and Rome. The way modern physicians approach healing of the sick differs greatly from the methods used by early general healers or elite physicians like Hippocrates or Galen. In Ancient Greece and Rome, disease was literally understood as dis-ease, or physical imbalance. Medical intervention, therefore, was purposed with goal of restoration of harmony rather than waging a war against disease.

Ann Wigmore March 4, — February 16, was a Lithuanian—American holistic health practitioner, naturopath and raw food advocate. Influenced by the 'back to nature' theories of Maximilian Bircher-Benner , she maintained that plants concentrated more solar energy 'Vital Force' than animals, and that wheatgrass could detoxify the body. She also deplored food additives.

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The Hippocrates diet and health program

Principal National. The Straub Group Insurance and Financial. Hippocrates Health Institute is not health care.

For more than forty years, Ann Wigmore, founder of the renowned Hippocrates Health Institute and internationally acclaimed holistic health educator, taught that what we eat profoundly affects our health. Through a diet of fresh fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts, and super nutritious foods such as sprouts and wheatgrass juice, all of which are prepared without cooking, the body is able to restore its internal balance—and its capacity to maintain a healthy weight, fight disease, and heal itself. The Hippocrates Diet and Health Program is an indispensible guide to healthy living, filled with easy-to-follow recipes and money-saving health tips. It is never easy for anyone to break bad eating habits, but when you are ready to make the decision to lose weight, regain youthful energy, or prevent illness, The Hippocrates Diet and Health Program can be your guide. Ann Wigmore dedicated her life to teaching others the health benefits of natural foods. She spent years experimenting to find simple, healthful, and inexpensive ways to grow and prepare nutrient-rich foods.

The raw vegan Hippocrates diet, which is very high in chlorophyll, is centered on wheatgrass, sprouts and edible algaes. The Hippocrates diet uses only plant-based uncooked foods. Heat destroys enzymes found in living foods that Wigmore asserts are necessary for good health. Vegetables should be fresh, raw and organic, and fruits should be ripe when harvested. Raw vegan diets are said to improve energy and strengthen the immune system. Columbia University researchers evaluated changes in quality of life and immune markers of 51 subjects attending the Hippocrates Health Institute. The most common disease diagnosis among participants was cancer.

(Download) The Hippocrates Diet and Health Program: A Natural Diet and Health Program for Weight Control, Disease Prevention, and pdf by Ann Wigmore.

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The Hippocrates Diet

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