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Stress is plotted on the Y-Axis and Strain is plotted on the X-axis.

We referred to the proportionality constant between stress and strain as the elastic modulus. But why do we call it that? What does it mean for an object to be elastic and how do we describe its behavior? Elasticity is the tendency of solid objects and materials to return to their original shape after the external forces load causing a deformation are removed. An object is elastic when it comes back to its original size and shape when the load is no longer present.

12.6: Elasticity and Plasticity

Stress is plotted on the Y-Axis and Strain is plotted on the X-axis. In material science and mechanical engineering, the stress-strain curve is widely used to understand the strength, deformation, and failure criteria of any material. In this article, we will explore details about the stress-strain curve. In that instrument, a force on the standard specimen is increased till its failure and a plotter keeps recording the stress and strain. The Yield Strength of a material is the maximum stress after which the elongation becomes plastic and permanent deformation starts.

Once the yield strength of a material is reached, large deformation occurs with very little increase in the applied load. The material will regain its shape once the stress is removed if the yield point is not reached.

In the stress-strain curve, yield strength is the point from where the stress deviates its proportionality to strain. For a few materials, the yield strength in the stress-strain curve is distinct but for few others, it is not.

Proof Stress is indicated by drawing a parallel line to the linear portion of the stress-strain curve at a strain value of 0. The ultimate tensile strength or tensile strength of a material is the maximum stress value of the stress-strain curve.

This is the maximum stress value for any material before final failure. For brittle materials, tensile strength is used as a stress basis in design calculations. In the stress-strain curve, the ultimate tensile strength can be decided accurately for all types of materials.

It is a measure of the stiffness of an elastic material. As mentioned in Fig. The stress-strain curve of material provides engineers with a long list of mechanical properties needed for engineering design. The capacity of a material to withstand loads prior to fracture is obtained from the stress-strain curve.

The allowable material stress values are normally decided from the yield strength value for ductile materials and from the tensile strength value for brittle materials. The curve also provides a rough estimate of its deformation under loading conditions. The stress-strain curve also helps in fabrication processes like extrusion, bending, rolling, etc. From the curve, the amount of forces required for plastic deformation can be calculated.

The stress-strain curve of the most widely used ductile material Steel is shown in Fig. For Aluminum the yield strength is not distinct; So the yield strength is decided using the proof stress method. Cast Iron is a brittle material. For brittle materials, yield strength is not present as these materials fail all of a sudden. So, tensile strength is the main important parameter for brittle materials like Cast Iron, glass, and Concrete. Elastomers normally exhibit permanent plasticity.

So, the stress-strain curve of elastomers is quite different from ductile and brittle materials. Perfectly plastic or ideal plastic material will not show any work-hardening during plastic deformation.

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Functionally graded material shafts are the main part of many modern rotary machines such as turbines and electric motors. The purpose of this study is to present an analytical solution of the elastic-plastic deformation of functionally graded material hollow rotor under a high centrifugal effect and finally determine the maximum allowed angular velocity of a hollow functionally graded material rotating shaft. Introducing non-dimensional parameters, the equilibrium equation has been analytically solved. It is shown that material variation has a considerable effect on the stress and strain components and radial displacement. Considering variable density and yield stress causes yielding onset from inner, outer, or simultaneously from both inner and outer rotor shaft radius in contrast to earlier researches that modulus of elasticity was the only variable.

experiences elastic deformation followed by plastic deformation. Extent of elastic- Thus the need for measures of stress and strain based on instantaneous.

Elasticity is a measure of how much an object deforms strain when a given stress force is applied. If a bulldozer pushes a car into a wall, the car will not move once it hits the wall, but it will noticeably change shape. A change in shape due to the application of a force is a deformation. Even very small forces are known to cause some deformation.

A model of a rigid body is an idealized example of an object that does not deform under the actions of external forces.

Advances in Materials Science and Engineering

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Chapter 6. Mechanical Properties of Metals. Mechanical Properties refers to the behavior of material when external forces are applied. Stress and strain ⇒.