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Computer Science Viva Questions And Answers Pdf

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There are three reasons why PhD candidates have to have a viva: it is so the examiners can see:. These are the points being examined according to Alex Gray from the University of Cardiff :. It's crucial to get the philosophy of your thesis as set out in your Chapter 1 absolutely correct, and clear in your mind by the time of the viva , because if the examiners find holes, they'll run rings round you.

Here are computer science interview questions for fresher as well as experienced candidates to get your dream job. A microprocessor is an integrated circuit having all the functionality of a central processing unit of a PC. A super class is the basis of all the classes. The object of the rest of the class has all the characteristics related to the superclass. The stages involve by SDLC are: 1 planning, 2 design, 4 construction, 5 testing, and 6 deployment.

C-Programming VivA Questions

Skip to content. Skip to navigation. Every viva examination is different, so it is not possible to know in advance exactly what the examiners will ask you. However, there are some common questions which you may like to practice as part of your own preparations. Generally, the questions that are asked in viva examinations can be grouped under four basic headings:. Practicing how you would answer these four basic questions will take you a long way in your preparations.

Class is a blue print which reflects the entities attributes and actions. Technically defining a class is designing an user defined data type. If a class member is protected then it is accessible in the inherited class. However, outside the both the private and protected members are not accessible. The process of binding the data and the functions acting on the data together in an entity class called as encapsulation. Abstraction refers to hiding the internal implementation and exhibiting only the necessary details.

Computer Graphics Interview Questions

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CSE LAB VIVA Questions And Answers pdf free download Computer Science objective type interview 2 Mark Important Questions multiple choice questions.

Computer Science Interview Questions

Computer graphics involves display, manipulation, storage of images, and experimental information for proper visualization. Raster or Bitmap images are resolution-dependent because of this, it's not possible to increase or reduce their size without sacrificing on image quality. While the vector-based display is not dependent on resolution, the range of vector image can be increased or reduced without affecting image quality. Unlike a raster image, a vector picture can't be used for realistic pictures. This is because vector images are made up of solid-color areas and scientific gradients, so they can't be used to demonstrate the continuous tone of colors in a natural photograph.

By Priya Pedamkar. Every Computer Science interview is different and the scope of a job is different too. Answer: A file is a named location which stores data or information permanently.

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