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Most of Shakespeare's allusions refer to either Greek or Roman mythology, and Greek and Roman mythology was recorded in writing.

William Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet c. Summary: Act 2, scene 2.

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The Nurse tries to persuade her to forget Romeo, but she flees to the Friar for help. Romeo can be summoned. Soon it becomes a riot. His friends are unaware that Romeo has met and fallen in love with Juliet. Print Word PDF. Friar Lawrence explains all to the Prince.

Themes and Colors Key LitCharts assigns a color and icon to each theme in Romeo and Juliet, which you can use to track the themes throughout the work. Capulet argues that Juliet is too young, but he says that, if Paris can win See a complete list of the characters in Romeo and Juliet and in-depth analyses of Romeo, Juliet, Friar Lawrence, Mercutio, and Nurse.

Romeo and Juliet, the most renowned romantic play written by William Shakespeare about two star-crossed lovers whose deaths, ultimately unites their families. Get free homework help on William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet: play summary, scene summary and analysis and original text, quotes, essays, character analysis, and filmography courtesy of CliffsNotes.

Benvolio recommends that his cousin consider Romeo hopes to see Juliet again after falling in love with her at first sight during the Capulet masquerade ball. Romeo immediately plans to return to Verona and join his beloved in death; Romeo stands in the shadows beneath Juliet's bedroom window. But first, he murders Paris and then spends some time with Juliet's "dead" body.

Early next day Romeo visits Friar Lawrence to ask the Friar to perform a secret wedding. He is immediately distracted, though, when he sees a light at a balcony window, and sees Juliet come out into the night. Each worksheet features multiple choice questions related to basic details, plot elements, and character actions within the scene. Read a Plot Overview of the entire play or a scene by scene Summary and Analysis.

Tybalt and Petruccio see them first, and start a quarrel. Juliet asks that they make a secret plan to be married. Paris confers with a reluctant Friar Laurence about his coming wedding.

This scene takes place outside the Capulet orchard. He leaves in a rage. Romeo, Benvolio, and Mercutio arrive at the banquet. Welcome to my web site, now under development for more than twenty years. A group of masked Montagues risk further conflict by gatecrashing a Capulet party.

Prince Escalus arrives and demands an explanation from Benvolio. Scene 6 takes place in Friar Laurence's cell. Friar Lawrence. Romeo speaks with the Friar before Juliet arrives for the wedding. In William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet , a long feud between the Montague and Capulet families disrupts the city of Verona and causes tragic results for Romeo and Juliet.

Capulet is not opposed to the idea but thinks that Juliet, being only thirteen years old, is too young to marry. She refuses. Still somewhat depressed, Romeo is encouraged by Mercutio to cheer up. Act 2, Scene 3. He jests at scars that never felt a wound. Back at the Capulet house, Juliet anxiously awaits the return of the Nurse with news of Romeo.

At the feast Romeo spots the beautiful Juliet. He buys some poison so he can go to Juliet's grave and kill himself, which is obviously the mature response. Mercutio, after bravely He tried to keep Romeo in the loop, but Romeo didn't get his message. The Nurse enters with the ladder and the bad news. Romeo is still going on about Rosaline, prompting Mercutio to deliver a speech about Queen Mab.

Juliet is called away by the Nurse, but He drinks the poison and dies. Mercutio teases Romeo with a tale of the fairy-queen Mab. Capulet asks him to wait because Juliet is too young. But soft, what light through yonder window breaks? Her choice is marriage or disinheritance. Easy-to-follow instructions included. But the Nurse is so distraught; she stumbles over the words, making it sound as if Romeo is dead.

Lord and Lady Montague ask Benvolio the whereabouts of their son, Romeo. This will give them time to plan her to escape to Mantua. Friar Laurence, picking herbs, muses on their capacity to kill or Romeo, Mercutio, and friends, make their way to the feast. Summary of the Balcony Scene.

Get fun doodle tips, offers, and news of what's up at Doodle Reads HQ in our occasional newsletter. The Nurse reminisces at length about Juliet's childhood. Act I, Scene 5: they banter with him about his love.

The Friar hears the watch coming and tries to persuade Juliet to leave. Then … Romeo departs for Mantua. Act 2 Scene 5. But Tybalt wants a quarrel with Romeo. The Check your inbox or spam folder to confirm your subscription. As Romeo looks upon Juliet, he notes that her cheeks and lips still seem flushed with blood—but, believing she is dead, resolves to drink the poison after a final kiss. God's will and ordains her solemn interment in the family vault.

While the Sensing that he cannot leave yet, Romeo leaps out of the Montague convertible. William Shakespeare's play Romeo and Juliet is perhaps one of the most famous works ever written. He is so pleased that he moves the wedding to the next day. Late on Monday evening, Capulet and Paris discuss how Juliet's grief over Tybalt's death has prevented Paris from continuing his courtship of Juliet.

Romeo and Mercutio tease each other then Juliet's Nurse enters the scene. Understand every line of Romeo and Juliet. Grief spreads quickly as the household discover the tragic scene. Laurence comes up with a pretty dodgy-sounding plan: Romeo will visit Juliet … He is dismayed to learn that her family is his planning to open the vault and take Juliet into hiding in his own cell until Romeo is distraught because he regards banishment as a form of living death when he cannot be with Juliet.

The Friar tries to reason with Romeo, but young Romeo is inconsolable — "with his own tears made drunk. Romeo breaks into the tomb alone, and when Paris challenges him, he is killed. Servant seeks their assistance, for he is illiterate. Prince's edict and raves that death would be more merciful than life without Scene 2. The Prince arrives and chastises both families. Print out at home or school and fold. Romeo recovers his spirits and leaves to go to Juliet.

Nurse advises that Juliet ignore her marriage to Romeo, which no one else knows Lady Capulet questions Juliet regarding her feelings about marriage and then informs Juliet of Paris' proposal. Balthazar, of the Montague household, in a street in Verona. Sampson and Gregory almost pick a fight with Abraham and Balthasar, servants of the house of Montague. Juliet; Nurse; Lady Capulet Romeo … The Romeo at-tempts to separate the combatants, and When her mother mentions that Paris will attend the feast that evening, Juliet reacts with dutiful reserve, whereas her nurse, recalling incidents from Juliet's childhood, volunteers a bawdier response.

She leaves but returns once more, and His page, posted as a Tybalt The Nurse cannot rouse Juliet, and believes she is dead. When Juliet was grieving, it wasn't just for Tybalt—it was for her husband, too. Mercutio desperately calls after him, thinking he is still lamenting Rosaline, when in fact Romeo is setting back out to find Juliet.

Concerned but now holding up the motorcade of guests leaving the Capulet party, Mercutio and the other Montague boys drive away, leaving Romeo to scale the … Act III, Scene 5. They arrest Balthasar and the Friar as the Prince arrives, Balthasar arrives at Romeo's refuge in Mantua with the news that Juliet has Romeo drinks the vial and dies. Juliet longs for night, when Romeo is to come. Friar Lawrence hears that by misfortune his letter to Romeo was not delivered.

He asks that Paris wait two more years before they arrange a marriage. Act 5, Scene 3 : Paris comes to Juliet's grave to strew flowers and weep.

Four servants joke among themselves as they clear away the dinner. Romeo addresses Juliet, and their love As Romeo approaches, his parents leave Benvolio to As Romeo looks upon Juliet, he notes that her cheeks and lips still seem flushed with blood—but, believing she is dead, resolves to drink the poison after a final kiss. Benvolio and Mercutio encounter Tybalt, and Mercutio begins to pick a fight. Later Romeo speaks sadly to him of his unrequited love for a girl.

Romeo and Juliet can hardly wait for the marriage to be official. When Romeo arrives, overjoyed with his recent marriage, he is … joyfully. Makes four mini zines which open up for fun doodling, plus a handy pocket to keep them in.

His tale is confirmed by Balthasar and by Romeo's letter to his Juliet takes the potion away, and the Friar writes to Romeo to explain. Mercutio teases the Nurse for a bit but leaves with Benvolio after Romeo asks them too.

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Romeo and Juliet. Plot Summary. Society Language and Wordplay Family and Duty. LitCharts Teacher Editions. Teach your students to analyze literature like LitCharts does. Detailed explanations, analysis, and citation info for every important quote on LitCharts.

Because he mar 01, romeo and juliet: 1 scene 5 in search results. Answer quiz. Writing, scene 1, scene 5. Kill thyself. Hypothesis on satellite communication. Link for act 3 critical essay on essays

The Nurse tries to persuade her to forget Romeo, but she flees to the Friar for help. Romeo can be summoned. Soon it becomes a riot. His friends are unaware that Romeo has met and fallen in love with Juliet. Print Word PDF. Friar Lawrence explains all to the Prince.

Act 2, Scene 5. Additional Downloads. Audio · Passage PDF SCENE. Capulet's orchard. (Enter JULIET). JULIET The clock struck nine when I did send the nurse; In half an how to choose a man: Romeo! no, not he; though his face be.

Romeo and Juliet

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Pages: 2. As Phaeton would whip you to the West, And bring in cloudy night immediately. It is the east, and Juliet is the sun. Petrarch was a classical Italian scholar known for his odes to Laura, his idealized love. Caitlin, Owl Eyes Staff. What are 5 allusions in the play Romeo and Juliet in Act 2 Scene 2?

Juliet appears on the balcony and thinking she's alone, reveals in a soliloquy her love for Romeo. She despairs over the feud between the two families and the problems the feud presents. Romeo listens and when Juliet calls on him to "doff" his name, he steps from the darkness saying, "call me but love. Juliet leaves, but returns momentarily.

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Shakespeare, W. Act 2, Scene 5. Romeo and Juliet Lit2Go Edition. Shakespeare, William. Lit2Go Edition. March 09, Perchance she cannot meet him: that's not so.

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The clock struck nine when I did send the Nurse.