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They are essential factors in the formation of a European identity. In the event of a serious breach of basic values of the Union, a Member State can be sanctioned. EU law creates a number of individual rights directly enforceable in the courts, both horizontally between individuals and vertically between the individual and the state.

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The Status of European Citizenship: An Overview

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The Status of European Citizenship: An Overview

As of , 3. This includes 8. Common barriers to free movement and discriminatory practices include:. This prohibits discrimination based on nationality between workers of the member states as regards employment, remuneration and other conditions of work and employment. The Treaty provisions provide that, subject to limitations justified on grounds of public policy, public security or public health, workers have the right to accept offers of employment and to move freely within the territory of the member states in order to take up such offers. The Treaty rules on free movement of persons initially applied only to economically active persons i. In , the Maastricht Treaty gave new life to the EU rules on free movement of persons, enshrining the Article 20 right of EU citizenship and giving, in Article 21, all EU citizens and their family members the right, in principle, to move and reside freely within the EU.

Click for PDF. In a nutshell, the General Court has confirmed that the Commission:. The Commission concluded that these rules had both the object and effect of restricting competition and therefore breached EU competition rules. Citing precedents from both Articles and TFEU, the General Court found that the ISU had placed itself in a position of potential conflict of interest because it had the powers of a regulator inter alia by being responsible for the adoption of membership rules and setting the conditions of tournament participation and was acting as a commercial body in organising competitions as part of its commercial activities. That conflict of interest was — consistent with the administrative practice of the Commission and supported by the European Courts — likely to give rise to anti-competitive results. They allowed the ISU to retain a very broad discretion to refuse the authorisation of competitions proposed by third parties. According to the General Court, recourse to arbitration proceedings before the Court of Arbitration for Sport CAS did not constitute an aggravating circumstance in the determination of the level of the fine, as the CAS was an independent body that was appropriately placed to adjudicate disputes between the ISU and its members.

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It remains one of the two most important treaties in the modern-day European Union EU. Its name has been amended twice since The Maastricht Treaty of removed the word "economic" from the Treaty of Rome's official title and, in , the Treaty of Lisbon renamed it the "Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union". Following the referenda, which saw the failed attempt at launching a European Constitution , on 13 December the Lisbon treaty was signed. The Lisbon reforms resulted in the merging of the three pillars into the reformed European Union.

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The citizens of the Union and their rights

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in Article 20(2)(a), and if the Treaties have not provided the necessary the objectives referred to in paragraph 1 and in Article 21 of the Treaty.

The Status of European Citizenship: An Overview


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