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Two-wheelers such as scooters , commuter bikes , three-wheelers including auto-rickshaws widely use the Drum Brake system for braking.

Drum brake

In our daily life, we see the braking effect everywhere, like bicycle, motorcycle, car, bus, train, and more. The list is quite long. So to get the breaking effect we need to have some component which produces the effect, is not it? So that particular component which generates the braking effect is called Breaking System. A Branking system can be made of sevaral components, and have different types.

Brake technology, just like suspension technology and fuel-system technology, has come a long way in recent years. What began in the '60s as a serious attempt to provide adequate braking for performance cars has ended in an industry where brakes range from supremely adequate to downright phenomenal. The introduction of components like carbon fiber, sintered metal and lightweight steel, along with the adoption of ABS, have all contributed to reduced stopping distances and generally safer vehicles though ABS continues to provide controversy. One of the first steps taken to improve braking came in the early '70s when manufacturers, on a widespread scale, switched from drum to disc brakes. Since the majority of a vehicle's stopping power is contained in the front wheels, only the front brakes were upgraded to disc during much of this period. Since then, many manufacturers have adopted four-wheel disc brakes on their high-end and performance models as well as their low-line economy cars.

Brakes: Drum vs. Disc

If you're a little more 'hands on' than most and want to tackle some do-it-yourself jobs on your car or truck, choosing the correct Drum brake and Hardware for your car or truck is a great place to start. Make sure you have an experienced assistant nearby, and if in doubt, leave it to the professionals! One of the reasons of doing this is because the parking brake can be located inside the rear drum brakes whereas with a rear disc brake, it is more expensive to include a parking brake. The manufacturer can thus offer plain-jane vehicles by offering drum brakes with a parking brake built-in at the rear wheels. Brake shoes today are still being used. Here are some advantages that drum brakes have over disc brakes:.

design and operation has not changed. ADvAntAgeS AnD DiSADvAntAgeS. Drum brakes, like those shown in Figure , use a set of brake shoes that expand.

Difference Between Drum Brakes and Disc Brakes [Notes with PDF]

Although disc brakes appear to have won the popularity contest in motor vehicles generally, drum brake technology is hanging on in certain CV sectors. Buyers face a trade-off between capital cost and weight. By Chris Tindall.

6 Advantages and Disadvantages of Drum Brakes

If you inspect older models of cars, you will notice that they have a different braking system as compared to modern vehicles.

How Drum Brake Works? It’s Advantages & Disadvantages

With the function of automatic brake , the brake system can use lower oil pressure, or use a brake drum with a diameter much smaller than the brake disc. The installationof the hand brake mechanism is easy. Some rear-wheel-drive disc brakes will have drum brakes mounted on the center of the brake. The processing and composition of parts is relatively simple, but there are relatively low manufacturing costs. The brake drum of the drum brake will increase in diameter after being heated, which will increase the stroke of pressing the brake pedal and cause the brake reaction to be less than expected.

If someone ask you a question that can you drive your vehicle without brakes? Than what will your answer, obviously No. Driving a vehicle without brakes is impossible. Brakes are crucial for stopping a vehicle and drive safely on the road. Use of proper braking system enhances handling of the vehicle to a greater extent. In modern vehicle the drum brakes are mostly installed at rear wheels. There are different types of brakes available in the market.

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Brake shoes. Brake drum. Brake shoe pivot. Friction material. The braking system List the advantages and disadvantages of a leading and trailing brake.

Most popular vehicles

A drum brake is a brake that uses friction caused by a set of shoes or pads that press outward against a rotating cylinder-shaped part called a brake drum. The term drum brake usually means a brake in which shoes press on the inner surface of the drum. When shoes press on the outside of the drum, it is usually called a clasp brake. Where the drum is pinched between two shoes, similar to a conventional disc brake , it is sometimes called a pinch drum brake , though such brakes are relatively rare. A related type called a band brake uses a flexible belt or "band" wrapping around the outside of a drum.

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Here are some advantages that drum brakes have over disc brakes: Drum brakes can provide more braking force than an equal diameter disc brake. Drum brakes last longer because drum brakes have increased friction contact area than a disc. Drum brakes are cheaper to manufacture than disc brakes.

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