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Oxidative Stress In Cancer Biology And Therapy Pdf

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Recently, there has been increasing interest in the role of oxygen free radicals in tumorigenesis and the dual function of antioxidants in the prevention, treatment, and therapy-related side effects of cancer.

Oxidative Stress in Cancer Biology and Therapy

Oncotarget a primarily oncology-focused, peer-reviewed, open access, biweekly journal aims to maximize research impact through insightful peer-review; eliminate borders between specialties by linking different fields of oncology, cancer research and biomedical sciences; and foster application of basic and clinical science. Its scope is unique. The term "oncotarget" encompasses all molecules, pathways, cellular functions, cell types, and even tissues that can be viewed as targets relevant to cancer as well as other diseases. The term was introduced in the inaugural Editorial , Introducing OncoTarget. Sponsored Conferences. Impact Journals is a member of the Society for Scholarly Publishing. Robert Musiol, email: robert.

During the last 30 years it has become clearly evident that oxidative stress and free radical biology play key roles in carcinogenesis, cancer progression, cancer therapy, and normal tissue damage that limits treatment efficacy during cancer therapy. These mechanistic observations have led to the realization that free radical biology and cancer biology are two integrally related fields of investigation that can greatly benefit from cross fertilization of theoretical constructs. Skip to main content Skip to table of contents. Advertisement Hide. This service is more advanced with JavaScript available. Oxidative Stress in Cancer Biology and Therapy. Editors view affiliations Douglas R.

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Intravenous High-Dose Vitamin C in Cancer Therapy

January 24, , by Lewis Cantley and Jihye Yun. Lewis Cantley received his Ph. Jihye Yun received her Ph. The discovery and isolation of vitamin C was one of the most important advances in improving human nutrition. Scurvy, a severe vitamin C deficiency disease characterized by weakness, lethargy, easy bruising and bleeding, was particularly problematic for sailors on long voyages during the 16th century, where access to fresh fruits and vegetables was limited.

Role of Redox Homeostasis in Cancer Biology and Anticancer Therapy

It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. Editors: Spitz , D. During the last 30 years it has become clearly evident that oxidative stress and free radical biology play key roles in carcinogenesis, cancer progression, cancer therapy, and normal tissue damage that limits treatment efficacy during cancer therapy.

Ankita Bansal, M. Celeste Simon; Glutathione metabolism in cancer progression and treatment resistance. J Cell Biol 2 July ; 7 : —

Reactive Oxygen Species in Cancer Biology and Anticancer Therapy

Hot Keywords non-alcoholic fatty liver disease epidemiology microenvironment nonalcoholic steatohepatitis transplantation cholangiocarcinoma direct-acting antiviral immunotherapy hepatitis B hepatitis C liver resection imaging cancer stem cell diagnosis gene cirrhosis biomarker recurrence. Correspondence Address: Dr. E-mail: ying. E-mail: flc6 georgetown. Hepatocellular carcinoma HCC is the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths worldwide.

Alexandr V. Bazhin, Pavel P. Our understanding of reactive oxygen species ROS —a group of highly reactive chemicals containing oxygen—has changed in the last few years from ROS as just harmful substances to crucial intra- and extracellular messengers as well as important regulators controlling a wide spectrum of signaling pathways. Nevertheless, there are still many uninvestigated points and open questions regarding ROS, especially in pathophysiology. Delicately controlled ROS homeostasis is critical for maintaining normal cell functions and any disruption in the oxidation-antioxidation balance leads to oxidative stress associated with a wide spectrum of human disorders such as chronic inflammation, age-related diseases, and cancers. In health, the intracellular ROS level is tightly controlled by various antioxidants. Elevated ROS production in cancer cells may result from an aberrant metabolic activity, mitochondrial dysfunction, disturbed cellular signaling, oncogene activity, and interaction with tumor infiltrating immune cells.

Andrean L. Simons, Kevin P. Orcutt, Joshua M. Madsen, Peter M. Scarbrough, Douglas R. Spitz. Pages PDF · Enhancement of Cancer Therapy Using.

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High levels of ROS/oxidative stress are capable of causing damage to various cellular constituents, including DNA, proteins, and lipids. Elevated levels of ROS,​.

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