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Data, voice, and video cabling

Structured cabling and data networks have come a long way from the electromagnet and telegraph of the 19th century. A series of inventions including the telephone, radio, television, and computer have built upon the foundations of electricity discovered by some of the greatest minds in human history. Today, we have a profound understanding of what it takes to achieve the clarity and reliability you demand from your communications technology at home and in the workplace.

As more markets find ways to leverage a strong network into opportunities for business growth, getting the right information to where it needs to be is more important than ever. The History of Networks and Structured Cabling Cables of two centuries ago were and usually still are, unless you have special requirements unshielded, insulated wire made from readily available materials like copper.

One of the first commercial applications of copper wiring was the telegraph. The telegraph made use of technology like the electrical relay and electromagnet preceding it. Telegrams for communication stayed prominent into the 20th century to connect the world via underwater cables.

Over time, telephones gained ground for more local connections, and by the 21st century usurped telegraph technology entirely. But the vehicle for both technologies remained the same, and copper is still an exceptionally popular choice for cabling. Recently, the introduction of new technologies like streaming and Voice over IP VoIP have required cabling solutions to marshal more and more capacity for change. Instead of copper, some signals are sent today using optical fiber. Optical fiber is more expensive to install, and requires a greater understanding than copper wiring, but it can pay for itself by creating opportunities to cut other costs, ensure better connections, and future-proof your structured cabling system.

Accommodating new convergent technologies is an everyday challenge for system integrators and network cabling companies. How Does Structured Cabling Work?

Cabling sends data packets across its length by cycling electricity in a series of 0s and 1s to produce a response or transmit a signal. The number of times the cable can switch between 0 and 1 is generally measured in Megahertz, equal to one million hertz.

But the most powerful network cabling today can handle thousands of Gigahertz per second, and those numbers are only growing. Standard twisted pair cables are typical network connectors, widely available today for your own Ethernet connection or network. Optical fiber, unlike copper twisted pair cables, is largely future-proof because the optical fiber infrastructure can last indefinitely.

It only needs to have its electronics upgraded. Optical fiber produces infrared wavelengths anywhere from to around nanometers, depending on the grade. Copper wiring produces microwaves, which have a lower wavelength and frequency than infrared waves.

This means they cycle less quickly than fiber, resulting in less data sent. Both kinds of cabling have a lot of life to them and will be common for years to come. Modern Cabling Types Category 6 Category 6, or Cat 6, is a popular cabling standard offering performance up to MHz at a distance of 55 meters or feet. A successful Cat 6 installation may need to make use of shielding, and must ground on both ends, which can contribute to interference.

Cat-6 are typical patch or crossover cords connecting different devices to the same network. Cat 6 cabling is widely available and relatively inexpensive, serving as the baseline for adequate system performance today. Optical Fiber Optical fiber differs from Category cables because of how quickly it can send data.

Instead of transmitting through electrical impulses, it sends pulses of light modulated to carry information. Optical fiber allows data to travel significantly faster than Ethernet cables, though not as fast as the speed of light itself. The improved cabling offers greater performance than its predecessor, and is also widely available, but more expensive.

Cat 6A is a strong technology used for access control, building automation, audiovisual systems, and more, and favored for many new installations. This allows more direct multimedia delivery than having to send packets of data because it allows two users to dial into the same domain to communicate instead of establishing a direct telephonic connection.

By eliminating the need to route traffic, VoIP provides better ease of access and coordination. The connection can be bidirectional and maintained, adding cool features like read receipts and enhanced sharing. Twisted Pairs. Because there is less of a gap between twisted pairs than straight pairs, interference has a much tougher time passing through the pair.

Single- and Multi-Mode Fiber Single-mode and multi-mode are different kinds of optical fiber. Depending on your signal strength and distance needs, you may want to use one type over another. Different categories denote different wavelengths, different cable width, and sometimes different emission method.

You may prefer a specific style depending on your distance or strength needs. Shielding builds on the twisted pair model by creating a barrier between electromagnetic interference and the copper cabling. UTP cables are frequently used in the home, for security cameras, and at short and medium length. BICSI approves structured cabling specifications related to design, wavelength, capacity, shielding, and many other variables. There are also a variety of installation credentials qualifying holders to install information transport systems with copper or fiber.

BICSI and its affiliates are responsible for improving the technology you use every day, and the knowledge of the designers and technicians who bring those systems to life. The binary combinations translate into system actions on the user end. Better cabling or fiber gets those combinations where they need to go, stronger and faster. But what is it those cables are sending? This plays out hundreds of thousands of times per second until the computer successfully displays the text, image, or other data expected.

Another thing we try to improve about cabling is its protection from the environment. Wiring an office or hospital is much different than a stadium or outdoor restaurant. Moisture, heat, light, wind, and other variables affect how long cabling can last. Better protection technology means stronger cable. This environment of consistent change means new technology becomes available periodically. New Faces in Structured Cabling Category 8 Category 8, or Cat 8 cabling, features speeds of up to MHz, terminating at maximum distances of about feet.

Cat 8 focuses on accommodating shorter distances in places like data centers. Cat 8 cable comes shielded and requires proper grounding and installation. Its use as a patch for high-speed connection from server to server and rack to rack means placing extra emphasis on a successful installation. Cat 8 offers an affordable alternative to optical fiber for the many systems that still rely on quality copper cabling.

Cell Signal Boosters Distributed Antenna Systems DAS , also commonly referred to as cell signal boosters, amplify primarily cellular signals in areas that would otherwise not receive them. Signals are sent from cell sites and repeater stations to bring coverage to your phone, but some modern circumstances make that more difficult. A great example is the recent upgrades to the New York City Subway, which recently installed DAS in many of their subway stations to bring cellular signal underground.

DAS are very popular in high rises, hotels, hospitals, concrete buildings, and other areas with high interference. Cat 8 cables, cell boosters, and other technology boosting signal in hard to reach places or the speed of data transmission will see increasing demand as cellphones and internet access become even more ubiquitous and necessary to conduct business.

The Future of Structured Cabling and Data Transmission There are all kinds of improvements being made to communications and data networking infrastructure.

As we gain a better understanding of how to manipulate the modulation of light and electricity into data, we improve the speed, quality, and availability of that data.

Data and network cabling is a constantly growing field, and in all likelihood there will one day be a Category 9, new standards for optical fiber, thinner cables transmitting data more effectively, and many more innovations.

Convergence also offers a series of opportunities like the expansion of IPTV, or delivering TV over the internet instead of with cabling from your television service provider. Improvements to other tech like digital broadcasting, geolocation services, and much more are on the horizon.

One of the most sought-after improvements to data transmission and networking is wireless data transfers. What if, instead of using optical fiber or copper, you could send data directly through the air instead? Hooking an ethernet cord up to your modem or router results in a faster connection than a wireless signal can send.

Optical fiber is the closest we can get to transmitting data at the speed of light, because it literally is the concentrated transmission of light without a vacuum. Changing that would require a meteoric shift in scientific understanding.

But stranger things have happened. The future promises sweeping improvements in every mode of information transportation. Contact Us Name. Best way to reach you? What's up? Facebook Twitter. Jump to Modern Cabling Types. Modern Cabling Types. Category 6 Category 6, or Cat 6, is a popular cabling standard offering performance up to MHz at a distance of 55 meters or feet.

Other Common Data Networking Terms. New Faces in Structured Cabling. Category 8 Category 8, or Cat 8 cabling, features speeds of up to MHz, terminating at maximum distances of about feet.

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Data, Voice and Video Cabling Made Easy with

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In contrast to voice systems, data communications cabling systems have undergone many changes during this same period. Data network cabling has evolved from the proprietary solutions of the s, with shielded twisted-pair and coaxial cabling, to the rise of standards-compliant structured wiring systems in the late s, when unshielded. Voice communication and video monitoring capabilities. This Quality Manual describes the quality system that is in effect at our Calgary location. If you require more information on Net Safety Monitoring Inc. Calgary, Alberta.

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Communications Cabling

Structured cabling and data networks have come a long way from the electromagnet and telegraph of the 19th century. A series of inventions including the telephone, radio, television, and computer have built upon the foundations of electricity discovered by some of the greatest minds in human history. Today, we have a profound understanding of what it takes to achieve the clarity and reliability you demand from your communications technology at home and in the workplace.

Print-friendly version of this page. Request a Review Copy. Cabling is one of the fastest changing technologies, and Data, Voice and Video Cabling, 3rd Edition, has been updated to address all the latest developments in premises cabling, including technologies and applications in copper, fiber, and wireless cabling. This text is organized to aid in the understanding of cabling, by following a logical format that covers background information on communications systems and media first, and then delves into more detailed discussions on each media type: copper, wireless, and fiber. Separating the key concepts into specific sections also helps to minimize confusion between the unique installation practices among the different technologies.


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(PDF) Data, Voice, and Video Cabling by Paul Rosenberg — 9781401827618

Written in English. At ASG, we understand the vital role that communication networks play in information management. We know that for today's businesses, schools, and government offices, the distribution of information is a necessity, whether transmitted by voice, computer, video, or any other electronic media.

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