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Design And Construction Of Egg Incubator Pdf

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In a modern society like ours, birds are reared for two reasons; as pets and as source of food. As pets, they are needed for the company of man and his comfort, but more seriously, we keep birds for the purpose of obtaining meat from them. The food referred to here implies the meat we eat from them which has become an essential part of every home today and the eggs hatched by them for either consumption by man or for continuity in life cycle of birds Abiola, From the foregoing, birds are very important to man necessitating the need to maximize its production. As a source of food, its rearing in large quantity can sustain the economy of a country by providing adequate supply of eggs and meat for both domestic consumption and export to other neighboring countries who are in dare need with a limited supply Akinyosove, This is a way of generating income to the country thereby improving the economy of the nation.

Incubation is the act Forced draft incubators I. Based on heating source:. Location The chick hatcheries are modern buildings that provide separate rooms for each hatchery operations, but each room has its individual requirements. The hatchery area should be a separate unit with its own entrance and exit, unassociated with those of the poultry farm. The hatchery should be situated at least ft from poultry houses to prevent horizontal transmission of disease-producing organisms from the chicken houses to the hatchery. Size of the hatchery The size of the hatchery is based on the egg capacity of the setters and hatchers, number of eggs that can be set each week and number of chicks hatched each week. Also, necessary space to be allotted for future expansion.

Construction and Operation of Solar Powered Egg Incubator

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The following materials were used in the development of the egg incubator: plywood, fan, thermostat, heating element, wet and dry bulb.


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Introduction … since the dawn of time, the human kind had used the eggs of animals as a source of food, wither Eggs chicken egg equivalent. Download homemade cabinet incubator plans download prices cabinet egg incubator plans diy where to buy cabinet. Made from a durable and easy to clean material to prevent bacteria. Most restriction to air speed comes from the eggs themselves, the. Pdf drive is your search engine for pdf files.

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Incubation and Hatching

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