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Handbook Of Discrete And Computational Geometry Pdf

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Overmars , and O. Computational Geometry: Algorithms and Applications. Springer-Verlag, 2nd edition,

Discrete and Computational Geometry

My main interests are computational topology and geometry , especially, as they apply to data analysis. Dmitriy Morozov Email: Public key. Supervisors: Gunnar Carlsson and Leo Guibas. Teaching: Computational Topology Fall Advisor: Herbert Edelsbrunner. Select Publications. Dmitriy Morozov, Arnur Nigmetov.

Dmitriy Morozov

In mathematics, specifically in computational geometry , geometric nonrobustness is a problem wherein branching decisions in computational geometry algorithms are based on approximate numerical computations, leading to various forms of unreliability including ill-formed output and software failure through crashing or infinite loops. For instance, algorithms for problems like the construction of a convex hull rely on testing whether certain "numerical predicates" have values that are positive, negative, or zero. If an inexact floating-point computation causes a value that is near zero to have a different sign than its exact value, the resulting inconsistencies can propagate through the algorithm causing it to produce output that is far from the correct output, or even to crash. One method for avoiding this problem involves using integers rather than floating point numbers for all coordinates and other quantities represented by the algorithm, and determining the precision required for all calculations to avoid integer overflow conditions. For instance, two-dimensional convex hulls can be computed using predicates that test the sign of quadratic polynomials , and therefore may require twice as many bits of precision within these calculations as the input numbers. When integer arithmetic cannot be used for instance, when the result of a calculation is an algebraic number rather than an integer or rational number , a second method is to use symbolic algebra to perform all computations with exactly represented algebraic numbers rather than numerical approximations to them.

Computational Geometry is an area that provides solutions to geometric problems which arise in applications including Geographic Information Systems, Robotics and Computer Graphics. This Handbook provides an overview of key concepts and results in Computational Geometry. It may serve as a reference and study guide to the field. Not only the most advanced methods or solutions are described, but also many alternate ways of looking at problems and how to solve them. List of contrinbutors.

List of scientific publications. List of other articles, books and publications. Published in: Discrete Comput. Preprint: pages, April ; arXiv Ambrus, I. Pach, eds.

Handbook of Discrete and Computational Geometry. Finite point configurations (J. Pach) pdf; Packing and covering (G. Fejes Tóth) pdf; Tilings (E. Harriss.


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