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Pdf List Of Every Stihl Chainsaw Ever Made And Their Class Designation

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Chainsaw Chain Identification Chart. Find the right replacement chain for your gas powered or battery powered chainsaw or pole saw. RYOBI specializes in making pro-featured power tools and outdoor products truly affordable.

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17. Internationales Stuttgarter Symposium

Agricultural safety and health ASH events allow you to meet other ASH professionals, learn about current research projects, and explore ways to collaborate with others. The following is a list of upcoming national or regional ASH events:.

Eye protection. Personal protective equipment PPE is important for agricultural producers to reduce their risk of injury or death. Most eye injuries can be prevented by wearing the appropriate PPE.

Injuries to the eye can be expensive, painful, and may cause partial or total blindness. Proper eye protection is the best strategy in preventing eye injuries because most eye injuries are a result of flying particles. The eye has its own built-in protection from the surrounding bone structure, eyelashes, tearing, and blinking; but they are no match for particles entering the eye at a high rate of speed.

Eye protection should be worn when completing the following types of jobs: feed grinding, handling chemicals, haying, welding, repairing equipment, and any task completed in a dusty environment. There are 5 types of eye protection. Choose the type that best suits your vision and provides the best protection for the job that you are completing.

A pair of basic safety glasses provides protection when there is potential for particles to enter the eye from the front.

Safety lenses in regular eyeglass frames are not considered suitable safety glasses. Most basic safety glasses do not provide side protection, but side protection is available on some safety glasses through either permanent or detachable side shields to protect the eye from above, below and on the sides.

When choosing safety glasses with side protection, make sure that the sides do not interfere with your peripheral vision. Prescription safety glasses are made of either plastic or metal and are available in both bifocals and tinted lenses. Use caution when choosing tinted lenses because these lenses take time for the tinting to disappear which can be hazardous when frequently going between inside and outside work areas.

Choose tint lenses when activities may include bright flashes of light. Goggles provide inexpensive protection from all angles because they fit snugly around the eyes. This type of eye protection is especially good for jobs such as chainsaw operation, grinding, and riveting.

Goggles are especially useful because they typically fit over most prescription eyeglasses and are usually ventilated with an anti-fog solution.

Two of the most common models of goggles are eyecup or wire mesh. If working around chemicals, choose goggles with off-set ventilation ports. Face shields are secondary protection and must be worn in conjunction with either glasses or goggles. This type of eye protection is especially designed to protect the user from heat, glare, and flying objects.

Face shields can be attached to hard hats for those jobs that also require head protection. A welding helmet is equipped with special filtering lenses that protect the eyes from the strong ultraviolet and infrared rays that can permanently damage eyes and cause blindness. Welding goggles have various filter lens shades to protect against sparks, rays, and flying particles. Talk with your local dealer to determine the filter lens shade that you need for the various types of welding. Stationary or lift-front lenses are available for both welding helmets and goggles.

Regularly clean your protective eyewear in warm, soapy water because looking through dirty lenses can strain your eyes. Use a soft tissue or cloth to dry the lenses to reduce the risk of scratches because deep scratches or pitting may weaken the lenses. Goggles should fit snuggly over your eyes so replace elastic goggle headbands when they become stretched. Store your protective eyewear in a rigid case to reduce dust build-up and potential damage to delicate parts.

Maintain proper vision by having your eyes examined annually. Vision changes can occur that may require a prescription change or the need for prescription eye protection. If you wear contacts, always wear protective eyewear in work areas. The recommendation is to wear prescription eye protection instead of contacts especially in dusty environments because contact lenses may trap particles in the eye.

Head Protection for Agricultural Producers. Hearing Loss and Protection for Agricultural Producers. Respiratory Protection for the Farm and Ranch. Harvesting health. Murphy, D. Penn State Extension. Chainsaws are valuable labor-saving devices used by many farm, ranch, and home owners. However, in the hands of an untrained operator, a chainsaw is extremely dangerous.

Apply the following recommendations and information regarding PPE whenever you operate a chainsaw:. To learn more about PPE related to operating a chainsaw, view the following video by Progressive Farmer:.

There are three size classes of chainsaws. It is important to identify the one that is the best match for the job s that you need to complete. After you have determined the appropriate size chainsaw for your needs, select a chainsaw that is quiet and balanced and equipped with the following safety features:. A chainsaw that is in proper working condition is safer and easier to operate than a poorly maintained machine. Before using your chain saw, take the following actions:.

Maintaining proper chain tension during chainsaw operation is important because a loose chain could come off and a tight chain could bind and overheat. When you are sharpening the cutters on the chainsaw chain, wear gloves and cover the chain with a heavy rag. Make sure your chain oiling system is working properly. Allow the chainsaw to cool 5 minutes before refueling, and use a funnel or flexible nozzle to avoid spills.

Make sure the chainsaw is at least 20 ft. If any fuel is spilled, wipe the saw dry before starting it. Move the chainsaw at least 10 ft. Always engage the chain brake before attempting to start the chainsaw. There should always be two points of contact with the chainsaw other than the hand on the starter rope when starting the chainsaw. Maintain secure footing and balance during operation of the chainsaw.

Always hold the chainsaw firmly with the right hand on the rear handle and the left hand on the front handle. Engage the chain brake when moving short distances less than 50 ft. Violent reaction forces occur when the teeth of a chainsaw catch on something or when wood closes in and pinches the saw chain, causing the saw chain to stop instantly.

The pull-in force occurs when the chain on the top of the bar is being used to cut an object. The pushback force occurs when the chain on the bottom of the bar is being used to cut an object. All of these forces happen quicker than the operator can react.

Proper PPE; stance body, foot, and arm position ; grip on the chainsaw; and cutting techniques may significantly reduce the occurrence of and risk associated with these reaction forces. Poor control of these reaction forces by the untrained operator, careless operator, or inattentive operator may result in serious or fatal injury.

The kickback force generally is regarded as the most dangerous of the reaction forces because the blade of the chainsaw usually is thrown into the head, neck, or shoulder area of the operator, resulting in serious or fatal injury.

The end result of an uncontrolled pull-in or pushback reaction force may be a kickback reaction. If the tip of the chainsaw blade is pulled into another object in the case of a pull-in reaction or strikes solid material as the tip exits the cut at the end of the pushback reaction, a kickback force results. Proper felling of a tree with a chainsaw is a planned operational process that results in causing a tree to fall from a standing position to a predetermined location lying on the ground while minimizing risks to the saw operator, coworkers, the residual forest stand, and any other important objects in the immediate area.

The results of this analysis are used by the faller the saw operator to plan the felling job. The faller sets up escape routes, chooses which specific felling techniques are needed, plans the sequence of events, and selects the tools he or she will need to complete the felling job safely and effectively. The faller communicates the plan to all coworkers and is responsible for the safety of all coworkers and others in the immediate area.

The process of felling a tree with a chainsaw should never be attempted by the untrained chainsaw operator. A faller needs to have had hands-on training in this activity by a skilled professional and supervised practice under the guidance of this skilled professional because of the complicated and inherently dangerous nature of the activity of felling trees. The following important training and skills-development activities are needed to safely and effectively fell trees:.

Limbing is the process of removing the branches and limbs from a fallen tree. Limbing with a chainsaw is perhaps the most dangerous activity the chainsaw operator does in the course of daily chainsaw operation. This is because of the following circumstances:. The process of limbing a fallen tree should never be attempted by an untrained chainsaw operator. A chainsaw operator attempting to limb a tree needs to have had hands-on training in this activity by a skilled professional and supervised practice under the guidance of this skilled professional because of the complicated and inherently dangerous nature of the activity of limbing fallen trees.

Bucking is the process of using a chainsaw to cut a tree into lengths of wood usable as pulpwood, saw logs, or firewood. The bucking process usually follows the limbing process but may be combined with the limbing process to help reduce forces on the remaining limbs by removing weight log length portions from the previously limbed areas of the tree stem. The hazards associated with this operation are mostly related to sudden movement of the bucked section, the remaining tree stem, or both following or during the bucking cut with the chainsaw.

There is a strong possibility that serious or fatal crush injuries may result if an untrained chainsaw operator attempts to buck tree stems. Hands-on training in this activity by a skilled professional and supervised practice under the guidance of this skilled professional will help to minimize the risk of these injuries. The following important training and skills-development activities are needed to buck trees safely and effectively:.

One of the most common problems during bucking is running the chainsaw into the ground. A sawbuck can make this task easier by holding the log still at the appropriate working height so that you can safely cut the tree into the appropriate lengths. Another useful device is a log jack adapted peavey , which can lift one end of a log off the ground for bucking.

Log jacks are commercially available or can be built in a farm shop. Rains, G. University of Georgia Cooperative Extension. Stelzer, H.

Stihl 026 Years Made

Home Curation Policy Privacy Policy. Today we tear a stihl ms chainsaw apart and replace the fuel tank!!! I use 91 or 93 and mix with Stihl ultra synthetic. Stihl AV Specifications for Stihl AV chainsaws, Find detailed specs information for the Stihl chainsaw including engine, fuel system, Carburetor, ignition system, chain lubrication, Torque settings and cutting attachments.. Stihl AV Chainsaw Specs. Stihl Inc. AFAIK the is still in active production.

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Finding the Right Saw Chain for You

Agricultural safety and health ASH events allow you to meet other ASH professionals, learn about current research projects, and explore ways to collaborate with others. The following is a list of upcoming national or regional ASH events:. Eye protection.

More than just the best professional chain saw. As a demanding customer, you profit also from service through our network of competent dealers who will. For example, we have expanded our series of battery-powered tools: in addition to hedge trimmers, your work will now be easier in future with.

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for every task". Dr Nikolas Stihl. Chairman of the STIHL. Advisory Board. We want to maintaining lawns and lawn edges in areas around your home. Cutting circle Operation is easier than ever. The most powerful series-produced chainsaw in the world! maintenance and straightforward but skilled manual jobs. Soft.