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Creating a global paradise. Claffey Pools Texas, United States.

Imagine the right advice from day one! We help you visualise the things we see from years of experience. You deserve the right builder by your side helping you make the best choices from day one. Smiling faces will greet you at the pool, excitement and joy will welcome you, and astounding landscaping will completely dissolve your stress at home.

Pool standards, July 2014 (amended January 2018)

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The Pool Standards set specific technical standards pertaining to water quality and facility operations required under the Public Swimming Pools Regulation. The Standards set requirements for operator education, recirculation, water chemistry and microbiology, water quality monitoring, anti-entrapment, policies and plans related to pool safety and supervision, public education, water quality incident response and general sanitation. Also includes are a protocol for management of contaminated public swimming pool water and the calculations for maximum bather load and flow rates through anti-entrapment suction outlets. The Standards were developed in consultation with the pool industry, pool operators and public health officials. Swimming pools--Standards--Alberta. Swimming pools--Law and legislation--Alberta.

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Pool Studio's unique "Instant 3D" design system allows professionals to create fully interactive 3D presentations for customers free download. Main features: - design fully interactive, real time 3D swimming pools and landscapes - choose from over 2, 3D items for your pool design - apply materials and patterns to surfaces, structures and objects - import professional plot plans and scanned images to start your swimming pool design. Home Designer 3D home design software is the top-rated software for home design, interior design, and outdoor living projects. Realtime Landscaping Architect Design professional landscape plans and presentations. Create photo-based designs, plan drawings, and even full 3D walkthroughs.

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Download the day free Trial of the software here. Swimming pool design — Edificius interface. Download the 3D BIM models.

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