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Print Send Add Share. Notes Abstract: In this dissertation is presented an extensive experimental and theoretical investigation into the mechanical behavior of ultra high strength martensitic steels, with the overall goal of determining the effect of processing on the mechanical properties. For this purpose, experimental characterization of forged, cast, and cast and hot-isostatically pressed HIP specimens was conducted for both quasi-static and high-rate loadings.

A model of a rigid body is an idealized example of an object that does not deform under the actions of external forces. It is very useful when analyzing mechanical systems—and many physical objects are indeed rigid to a great extent. The extent to which an object can be perceived as rigid depends on the physical properties of the material from which it is made.

The Rate Dependent Tensile Response of Polycarbonate and Poly-methylmethacrylate

Abaqus offers many possibilities with respect to material modelling. Apart from including elastic properties, also various options are offered for modelling of plasticity. Usually for accurately modelling materials, relevant testing is conducted. More traditional engineering materials such as concrete under tension, glass metals and alloys exhibit adequately linear stress-strain relations until the onset of yield point up to which materials recover their original shape upon load removal whereas other more modern materials e. Additionally with respect to their behavior in the plastic region region in which even after load removal some permanent deformations shall remain , different stress-strain trends are noted. Brittle materials usually fracture fail shortly after yielding-or even at yield points- whereas alloys and many steels can extensively deform plastically before failure. The characteristics of each material should of course be chosen based on the application and design requirements.

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Under these conditions the object returns to its original shape and size upon removal of the load. The deforming force may be applied to a solid by stretching, compressing, squeezing, bending, or twisting. The value of k depends not only on the kind of elastic material under consideration but also on its dimensions and shape. See deformation and flow. In this expression F no longer means the applied force but rather means the equal and oppositely directed restoring force that causes elastic materials to return to their original dimensions. Stress is the force on unit areas within a material that develops as a result of the externally applied force.

Book:Aircraft Stress Analysis

Strain hardening introduces considerable compli-:ation into the analytic analysis of plastic deforma-tion. The theory of plastic deformation used in this paper has been most thoroughly developed for Maximum amount of plastic strain a tensile test specimen can sustain before it fractures See Ductility. Ability of a material to absorb elastic energy and to deform plastically before fracturing Strain Normal Strain is a measure of a materials dimensions due to a load deformation.

The tensile mechanical response of polycarbonate and polymethyl-methacrylate is investigated across a range of strain rates from 0. Traditional standard ASTM tensile experiments are limited to low strain rates and do not give quantitative data for plastic behavior for strain softening materials. In this study, a novel specimen and gripping geometry is designed and verified to mitigate wave reflections present in previous high strain rate tensile experiments. Digital image correlation is used to extract local deformation measurements, and a Kolsky bar technique typically used for fiber experiments is adapted for soft polymers. The insights gathered in this study will provide a further step toward a high fidelity material model for both ductile and brittle polymers.

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Engineering Stress-strain Curve

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