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An Introduction to Stationary and Non-Stationary Processes

Many time series in the applied sciences display a time-varying second order structure. In this article, we address the problem of how to forecast these nonstationary time series by means of non-decimated wavelets. Using the class of Locally Stationary Wavelet processes, we introduce a new predictor based on wavelets and derive the prediction equations as a generalisation of the Yule-Walker equations. We propose an automatic computational procedure for choosing the parameters of the forecasting algorithm. Finally, we apply the prediction algorithm to a meteorological time series. This is a preview of subscription content, access via your institution. Rent this article via DeepDyve.

In probability theory and statistics , a unit root is a feature of some stochastic processes such as random walks that can cause problems in statistical inference involving time series models. A linear stochastic process has a unit root if 1 is a root of the process's characteristic equation. Such a process is non-stationary but does not always have a trend. If the other roots of the characteristic equation lie inside the unit circle—that is, have a modulus absolute value less than one—then the first difference of the process will be stationary; otherwise, the process will need to be differenced multiple times to become stationary. Unit root processes may sometimes be confused with trend-stationary processes; while they share many properties, they are different in many aspects.

Stationary and non-stationary time series

Time series data of interest to social scientists often have the property of random walks in which the statistical properties of the series including means and variances vary over time. Such non-stationary series are by definition unpredictable. Failure to meet the assumption of stationarity in the process of analyzing time series variables may result in spurious and unreliable statistical inferences. This paper outlines the problems of using non-stationary data in regression analysis and identifies innovative solutions developed recently in econometrics. In this paper, we illustrate the relevant statistical concepts concerning these methods by referring to similar concepts used in cross-sectional analysis. An historical example is used to demonstrate how such techniques are applied.

Explore how to determine if your time series data is generated by a stationary process and how to handle the necessary assumptions and potential interpretations of your result. Stationarity is an important concept in time series analysis. Without reiterating too much, it suffices to say that:. As such, the ability to determine if a time series is stationary is important. Rather than deciding between two strict options, this usually means being able to ascertain, with high probability, that a series is generated by a stationary process. The most basic methods for stationarity detection rely on plotting the data, or functions of it, and determining visually whether they present some known property of stationary or non-stationary data. Trying to determine whether a time series was generated by a stationary process just by looking at its plot is a dubious venture.

Time Series Analysis pp Cite as. Any time series without a constant mean over time is nonstationary. Frequently in applications, particularly in business and economics, we cannot legitimately assume a deterministic trend. Recall the random walk displayed in Exhibit 2. The time series appears to have a strong upward trend that might be linear in time. However, also recall that the random walk process has a constant, zero mean and contains no deterministic trend at all.

Forecasting non-stationary time series by wavelet process modelling

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ries prediction and non-stationary time series prediction. ARIMA and many stochas- tic models, such as dynamic linear models, perform well on stationary data.

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Time series analysis is about the study of data collected through time. The field of time series is a vast one that pervades many areas of science and engineering.

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Chapter Stationary and non-stationary time series. G. P. Nason. Time series analysis is about the study of data collected through time. The field of time series​.