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So much so, that fans followed her adventures in love, sisterhood, baking, and high school in 's P.

Ever since Netflix dropped the teen rom-com in , fans have not been able to stop thinking about it. Not only is the story all kinds of perfect but the cast is incredible give Lana Condor all of the awards. And now, viewers are wondering how the books compare to the films.

Which college is right for her? And how will it affect her relationship with Peter Kavinsky Noah Centineo? So, naturally, we're here to break down the biggest changes between the book and the Netflix film. In the book, there's decidedly less Trevor Ross Butler and a bit more of some other friends, including someone named Pammy. But perhaps the more notable character absence in the film is John Ambrose McClaren Jordan Fisher , who shows up a few times in the book, causing some tension between Lara Jean and Peter.

Always and Forever, Lara Jean by Jenny Han PDF Download

Ever since Netflix dropped the teen rom-com in , fans have not been able to stop thinking about it. Not only is the story all kinds of perfect but the cast is incredible give Lana Condor all of the awards. And now, viewers are wondering how the books compare to the films.

With that in mind, we've compiled a summary of how the series pans out. I Still Love You? All three films may be out now but here's how the book varies to the film and what happens after it. First things first, the first film actually ends after the second book starts.

That adorable final scene in which Lara Jean and Peter K officially start dating doesn't happen until the beginning of P. I Still Love You. Not to mention, all of the hot tub teasing drama is part of the second book, too. So, without further ado, here's a summary of P. After Peter and Lara Jean finally get together and Peter stops people from teasing Lara Jean for their hot tub escapades in the book a video is spread around school , Lara Jean receives a letter from John Ambrose McClaren.

John reveals that he received her love letter he was one of her five original crushes. The two then become pen pals even though it's obvious that John likes Lara Jean. Lara Jean, Peter and Genevieve were all childhood friends. After finding out that the neighbourhood treehouse that they used to play in is about to be cut down, Lara Jean invites John to a reunion party with Peter in which they dig up a time capsule that they buried there.

Much to Lara Jean's annoyance, Peter brings Gen. Lara Jean and Peter then become suspicious of each other. The four of them play Assassins like they used to do when they were kids and Lara Jean breaks up with Peter when she finds out that he knew that Gen shared the hot-tub video around school. However, after winning Assasins, Lara Jean learns that Peter has been kind to Gen because her father's been having an affair. Peter gets in with a lacrosse scholarship but Lara Jean is rejected.

She gets an offer to the College of William and Mary and she decides that she will attend and then attempt to transfer to UVA after her freshman year. Peter is upset because it's really far from UVA. After graduation, Lara Jean, Peter and their friends go on holiday together and almost have sex but Peter chooses not to.

At home, Lara Jean finds out that Peter is considering transferring to UNC and his mum asks Lara Jean to break up with Peter because their relationship could affect his future.

Lara Jean then ends things with Peter. However, before university begins, Lara Jean reveals to Peter that she only split up with him because she cares for him and that she still loves him. They reunite, confident that they will stay together forever. In conclusion, the books contain a whole lot of drama and romance and that's only the bare bones of what happens in them.

We've not even mentioned Dr. Covey's love story or what's next for Kitty and Margot. You NEED to read the trilogy. Yall I just realized that when ps I still love you comes out this is going to be the biggest emotional rollercoaster I've ever ridden.

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Always And Forever Lara Jean Book PDF

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Jenny Han Says Goodbye To Lara Jean In Her New Book

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It successfully tackles real-teen issues while remaining entertaining and loveable.

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I loved how after a bath, I would sit cross-legged in front of her and watch TV while she combed the tangles out of my hair. I remember Margot used to hate to sit still.

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