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Epa 609 Certification Practice Test And Answers Pdf

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Maintain compliance with free EPA 608 certification testing

Technicians who service motor vehicle air conditioners must be trained and tested through a U. Training programs must cover the use of recycling equipment in compliance with industry standards, regulatory requirements, refrigerant containment, and the effects on the environment. To be certified, technicians must review the training material thoroughly and then pass a test demonstrating their knowledge of the training material. The certificate earned as a result of a passing score on the refrigerant quiz is only deemed as certification in the context of the EPA. This credential is not the equivalent of technical certification from the ASE certification program.

Product Listing Product Search. It is designed to help you comply with the law, protect the environment and conserve the supply of CFC for future service. The technician is the key to the successful implementation of on-site refrigerant recovery and recycling. This program is designed to encourage proper equipment use and service procedures. Once Section certification is attained it is good for life.

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Losing your air conditioning on a long summer road trip is not cool! The Montreal Protocol is an international treaty signed in by almost every country in the world. Its goal is the elimination the use of ozone-depleting substances worldwide. Venting refrigerants into the atmosphere had been a commonplace practice. The Clean Air Act prohibits venting and requires an EPA certification for any technician handling and disposing of refrigerants. Since there is a vast number of refrigerants and applications, the Act has multiple sections that provide guidelines for specific refrigerants and their applications. These guidelines are in place to identify which refrigerants are harmful to our atmosphere.

Since , all HVAC technicians performing repairs and services on refrigerants in motor vehicles must be certified by the Environmental Protection Agency to ensure the safest and most eco-friendly results. Get Started. Anyone who maintains, services, or repairs motor vehicle air conditioners MVACs for compensation of any kind must be properly certified as Section MVAC technicians, and they must use approved refrigerant handling equipment. The MVAC certification is a question, open-book format exam. Section Certification allows the purchase of any refrigerant in any size container from an auto supply house for use in cooling the passenger compartment of vehicles! Motor Vehicle Air Conditioners MVAC are defined as mechanical vapor compression refrigeration equipment used to cool the driver or passenger compartments of any motor vehicle.

EPA Section covers the technician certification related to MVAC systems. This exam is an open book test with 25 multiple choice questions. For clearing the.

EPA Section 609: What You Need to Know

The Federal Government of the United States requires all individuals who open a system or container holding a controlled refrigerant to be certified per Section of the Federal Clean Air Act. It specifies that all persons who maintain, service, repair, or dispose of appliances that contain regulated refrigerants be certified in proper refrigerant handling techniques by passing a proctored EPA examination. Core is not a certification in itself.

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KPA - AC Section 609: Refrigerant Recovery and Recycling

EPA 609 Practice Tests

Take this free EPA practice exam to see the types of questions that will be on an actual EPA certification exam. The Federal Clean Air Act, under Section 8, requires persons working with regulated refrigerants to be certified. The chlorine in CFCs and HCFCs will neither dissolve in water nor break down into compounds that dissolve in water, so they do not rain out of the atmosphere. The questions are based on industry standards and offer a comprehensive coverage of the fundamental subject matter found on most HVACR certification exams. There are four types of certification: Type I - limited to small appliances 5 lbs. Grade Answers as You Go.

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EPA 608 Practice Test

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